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RP Name:Jairo Anzai


Character Backstory and description(over 200 words):

The japanese male named Jairo Anzai would be of Japanese decent originating from Tohuku, Japan the male would stand at around 6'2" above average! He would have a very scrawny build looking almost deprived of nutrition, he would have very dark eye bags under his eyes. He would have long black wavy hair and black eyes. The male would often be seen smoking at corners of the neighborhood.
 Jairo Anazai  was born in a small unknown town inside of Tohuku, Japan his family worked hard to keep food on the table but at times they would go without eating for days. His father got involved with loansharks who loaned the his father a hefty sum of money. His father knew he would not be able to pay them back so he said that he would put his daughters life on the line. He told the loansharks if he didnt pay them back they could have his daughter, they agreed. The father fled from their poor broken home and never returned. The loansharks came to the small broken down shack where they were living at the time even though the father had fled the daughter who was also Jairo's big sister while she was 13 at the time and Jairo was only 5 they still took the daughter and little Jairo attempted to fight back he slammed his fists hammer fisting the evil loansharks shins left to right though it had no affect. The loansharks walked out with a screaming mom and daughter and a little boy who was still trying to fight the two loansharks, after that life was kind of bland his mother began to get into the habit of substance abuse. Life for littl Jairo was pretty sad his mother also began beating him due to the fact that he was beginning to look like his father and his mother did not like that. She would continue abusing his until the ripe old age of 12 when he ran away from home. He began living on the streets struggling to find food often being seen rummaging through the garbage searching for food most of the time resturaunt employees would chase him with foods and he would contniue living on the streets until he was 13. He would be saved by child protective services finding him on the street on his way to death due to starvation and dehydration. They would then take him to the Orphanage where he spent the rest of his youth. He would have made many of friends but he was very quiet do to being traumatized . He made some friends but he was just the quiet kid in the friend group who rarely talked . Once he was finally old enough to leave the Orphanage he left and went to the airport having enough money saved up to get a 1 ride trip to anywhere he wanted! And he chose Seoul.





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