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J77h_'s adult application

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RP Name:

Iseul Kang-Jeon

Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

Iseul Kang-Jeon, is a slim looking male. He stands at around 5'7-5'8. He seems to be pale, with black damaged hair. His face has pretty features yet he is quite underweight at 130Lbs. Iseul grew up at Incheon, in korea. He has an older brother named Ryung. His parents were lost at a young age, and his brother was the one left to take care of him. The two brothers, started doing small crimes in order to get some money and manage to survive. Iseul was never good with letters and due to his bad financials he had to leave school at the age of 16. Within the next 2 years, he got caught by the police doing his small crimes and he fled to a new city. His hate towards police grew, his brother was sadly not as fortunate. He got shot many times because he tried to fight back. Iseul started hating o the police and his goals changed. He was fully against them and he wanted to destroy them at all costs. Seoul.. Since then, Iseul first got involved with a group named the "Olees". Within this group the man finally felt needed and important. He was now an 'Adult', 18 years old. He could restart school on this new town and live as a student. That all changed when police got in the way. Iseul was first arrested for evasion, as well as smuggling a weapon inside his cell. Besides his little knowledge  with school related things, he was quite smart and he quickly figured a way to break out of prison. The trusted leader of his gang, completed the plan, and Iseul was once again free in town. Getting himself off the radar was quite easy. A few adjustments to his appearance along with some small hair changes really made him unrecognizable. In addition, his aging helped and he was now able to conceal himself against the least knowledgeable cops. Iseul continued to live in town after that unfortunate event. Lastly, Iseul's brother returned to town, after barely managing to evade the police. Along with his return he came to check on Iseul because he found out about his arrest. The two males continue living in Seoul doing once again crimes to sustain themselves 

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