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Red_Wolf08's Adult Application


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IGN: Red_Wolf08

RPNAME: Enrico Romano

AGE: 28


Enrico Romano is a 28-year-old male that was born in Venice Italy, he grew up with his father and brother in Italy named Francesco Restifo and his mother that recently moved over to Italy with his father after living in Seongnam Korea where they lived together for many years before having Enrico. Enrico lived in Venice Italy till his 13th birthday when his mother and father both got in a serious argument where his mother ended up gaining custody over him and his father gaining custody over his brother. Enrico moved back to Korea with his mother where he got into a new school where he lived in Seongnam Korea till he was 18 when his mother died in a car crash from an intoxicated drinker. Enrico moved back to Japan where he started living with his father for a couple more years till he was 22 years old and decided that Korea was a better life and moved to Korea transferring from town to town for business for the next couple of years where he now is 28 year old and is now living Seoul Korea where he lives with a group of buddies and is in the gang Valhalla with the alias Onibi. 

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