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HunterHampter Adult App

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IGN:  HunterHampter

RP Name: Alan Radleyton

Age: 48

Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

Alan Radleyton is a British-Born Male, being born in 1975 in [REDACTED], He was always a daring kid, Up until his parents died when he was 14, leaving only him and his older sister, His attitude did a complete 180, from Daring, to composed, Safety-focused and high situational-awareness, He learned to live off of odd jobs and being a good samaritan, which led him to be able to get a College Tuition to America when he was 18, which he gladly take to pursue education about Laws, so he spent his College in a new country and a new town, before graduating with a Master Degree, he followed up instantly with Police Academy in 1996, Graduating in 1997 later, where we was stationed in a small town, just a few miles away from Milwaukee, USA.

Here his journey came to a bumpy road, a lot of events, a lot of challenges, He wades through it with all he got, even able to get himself a Partner in that small town, Which they eventually get married, had a daughter and a son, Who they named Chloe and AJ, fast forward 18 years, during these 18 years, Alan enlisted into the US Marines, serving for about 7 years, earning himself a Rank of a Lieutenant, He then went out of the US Marines to move back with his family to United Kingdom where he spent the rest of that 11 years in the Royal Marines, getting picked up by the SAS in the middle of it, Climbing the rank of Corporal.

However disaster struck, as he was labeled as Missing In Action, and was presumed dead, His trail went cold, His kids are worried, His wife is absolutely distraught, before eventually... His son, AJ, was killed due to Gang Related Attacks, which then followed with his Wife's passing, This brought him out of hiding, and now he travels the world and living in multiple countries to sort of... Cope with the death of his wife and son, still in contact with his daughter, who is now serving under Langley, But he can never forget his past, and so he just wanders, Aimlessly.

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Thank you for taking the time to apply to have your character become an adult, but I've chosen to put your application on pending for the following reason:
-Please only bold the questions for RP NAME and AGE
-Feel free to reapply whenever!

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