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IGN(In Game Name): WarpRP

What Language are you applying for?: Korean Sign Language

How did your character learn the language?: Min-Hwan Kyun was born in Busan, South Korea to Chae-won Kyun and Shin-Hye Miru. He would be raised in the city itself and then later his parents had decided to put him into tutoring. One of the options for him to learn was KSL, which is what he took as soon as he could. He’d started learning it at the age of 8 and would later on apply what he had learnt to his day to day speech due to his distaste of actual verbal Korean (which he still learnt anyways). Min-Hwan would have been taught KSL by both his close friends and the tutor, the latter of which did most of the teaching however. When he had later on moved to Seoul, South Korea, Min-Hwan just reverted completely to either TTS or KSL. 

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: This would benefit my character’s roleplay because he is intended to be mute, not due to any defects but by choice. I’d like to be able to play this character authentically. It would only make sense he at least knows KSL and would be able to effectively communicate with others who knew the language. That would be able to help him communicate with the other deaf or mute members of his community!

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