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Rp Name:
Rini Kōraru


In a small in-land town of Clovelly England a young daughter was welcomed into the family of a young couple. In 1995 amongst the bright coloured spring month of May a child was welcomed into her new family by Emma Di Rosa and Asai Kōraru. Being born in May, the spring month, on the 15th she was given the name of Rini, meaning little bunny. For most of her babyhood Rini grew up having her parents guidance beside her all her time. While they were busy with their jobs, they tried to make room in their days to spend time with their daughter. As time passed young Rini learned what it was like to be an only child. Rini learned quickly how to fit in well with her family. However, while spending time with her mother who commonly tended to look after the young girl, Emma found her daughter was very clumsy and lacked the coordination most kids had at her age. Concerned for her safety Emma took Rini to the hospital to take a scan on her daughter's head. Yet, when the doctor came back with the results they showed nothing and he advised that she was just unstable in her early years of life. Paranoid Emma took Rini home and continued to keep a close eye on her daughter.

Because of their location, the small town only housed one school. Being rather small and unknown to the world the school was short staffed and most kids who attended were from the local town or villages around the area. The school only was able to teach kids from 7-10 as the teachers were unqualified to teach any kids above the age. But Emma wished for young Rini to experience school life in the local school before she wished to leave her home town. At first Emma thought nothing of the school and thought a small charming school for her little daughter would be a good opportunity. But, as Rini slowly grew up amongst the local kids she tended to find her daughter upset or scared. Due to Rini’s petite frame and background nationality the kids in school picked on Rini. Rini found that she was constantly being marginalised and an outcast to most of the school's friendship groups and teams, losing hope for her place amongst them. Coming home, she’d tell her parents at dinner about her mistakes or bad experiences. Concerned, they worried for her but wished to lift her spirits and kept encouraging her to go further and show them what she could do. 

During her early years of schooling. Rini tried to find her feet and stabilise herself before taking off in her learning, putting her time and dedication into her work to impress her parents. She also found an interest in trying to join the local sports teams and clubs but were turned down by the couches. So, Rini chose a different path, keeping optimistic and taking an interest in the small theatre, acting and drama program the school offered. But when PE came around the young child would drop her interest in those clubs and give her best shot at the sports they taught each class excelling in most aspects. 

At the age of 9 on her birthday, Rini ran out to see her parents excitedly. But, her parents surprised her with packed boxes and suitcases that piled near the door. The young girl was confused and asked her parents about what was happening. Both ready to tell her they spoke to their young daughter explaining that they’d chosen to move away and back to her fathers homeland. At first Rini was confused, why would they want to leave their home? However, curiosity got the better of her racing mind and she got excited. But Rini didn’t know that she was leaving a small quaint town to the bustling busy streets of Tokyo in Japan. She was oblivious to what lay ahead of her but stuck by her parents closely trusting them. They raced through the airport and boarded the plane in almost panic but thrill of a new place. Most of her plane ride the 9 year old slept out cold and ignored their landing in Tokyo. Rini grew aware of her surroundings when her father carried her up to her grandmother's small house. Overwhelmed with emotions Rini became exceedingly excited to meet her grandmother and someone who she’d look up to. Just like Rini, Himari Kōraru and elderly woman and grandmother to the young girl, was equally excited to meet her and see her son again. Rini and her grandmother instantly clicked, and the young girl found a love for her grandmother and her calm, control on life. Commonly Emma and Asai would find their daughter sitting on the floor, or beside her grandmother everywhere she went like her little shadow. Spending time with her grandmother and getting to understand the world through her eyes.

Closely following their arrival did their belongings find them. Rini found boxes full of her stuff and slowly pieced together the fact they’d moved to this new place with her grandmother. After 2 months of living with their grandmother, she overheard them speaking and found that she was being sent to a special academy in the area. She rushed out to her mother and asked her curiously about where she would be going. Emma reassured her daughter that everything would be ok and she’d make plenty of friends. This excited Rini and she sat there happily listening to the conversation, but failed to understand half the words they spoke. Walking into her new school Rini was determined to prove to everyone that she was better than she looked but became confused when she found people spoke another language!? The young girl freaked out and became excessively confused hearing words and seeing characters that made no sense to her. With her head spilling she ran through the halls trying to find her parents who no longer were in the building. Rini found that asking people did not work as they never could understand her until she met a young teacher. The young woman was confused as to the child's behaviour and why she was so scared about seeing Japanese lining the walls. But before she was able to overthink the situation she realised that the young girl was one of her students. She knelt down and confronted her trying to support the confused child. Rini, never understanding anything until now, was surprised that the teacher could understand her and slowly calmed down.

 Miss Leah then became fond of Rini, seeing her every day in her classes and getting to know the young girl and how she ended up in Japan. Rini was determined to prove to her new teacher that she could learn Japanese like the rest and studied hard. She’d spend hours in the school library reading and learning about the language when she could while also spending time with her new friends. While she was quite young Rini admired and looked up to the popular athletes, actors and found an interest in some medical work. But while she was taking off and finding her feet she found people still judged her and made fun of her. She turned her back on those who doubted her and worked harder each time to prove they were wrong and came home every day with a new story or achievement. Her family encouraged her every time she felt down and Rini would pick herself up over and over again and keep going. 

On an autumn evening while young Rini was doing her homework in her room she heard the sound of her grandmother and mother coming home. She focused on her work, committed to finishing it when her mother poked her head into her room. Emma told her daughter to come out as they had someone they wanted her to meet. Rini jumped up out of her seat curiously and followed her mother before she paused in the main room to find another child. Rini looked at her grandmother and then her mother confused about what was happening. Her grandmother explained to Rini that this was her new brother, his name was Lev and he would be her older brother. Rini was unsure and scared at first ducking behind her mother as she stared at the unfamiliar face of her new brother. It took a few weeks to adjust to her new brother and became overly jealous when Rini found her mother and father giving him attention. But as time passed she slowly grew fond of Lev and accepted him as her brother.

As time flew by, Rini found herself stepping foot into a new high-school as she moved from her primary to secondary school. While Lev was ahead with his schooling Rini and him stuck close to each other when they walked to and from school. Rini found she became quite popular and fit in with her new friends quite well becoming popular amongst the girls. While she tried to keep her grades and interests up Rini constantly found she was getting side tracked with her friends and messing around. 

At the age of 16 Rini became envious of her friends who all had part time jobs and other things to do after school and begged for her mother to help her find a job. At first Emma was unsure if she wanted her daughter to go out into the streets of Tokyo alone and find a small job to work at. She thought over the idea for a few days even going to her husband to run the idea through him. Asai suggested it would be good for his daughter to go out into the real world and experience real world issues and jobs. And after convincing Emma, she let her daughter go out to find a job. Delighted Rini burst out the door and ran through the streets of Tokyo trying to find a small job that caught her attention. She set her sights on a small cafe tucked away from the packed streets and started her time there as a waiter. 
2 weeks after Rini’s 17th she walked home alone excitedly. Having a skip in her step Rini zig-zagged her way through the houses and streets before running up the stairs to her house and walking in. Both her parents were out working, she wasn’t needed for work and her brother was out with his friends. Plus Rini knew her grandmother was home so she was able to hang out with her. However, after calling out her name and making her way into the main room Rini found no sign of her grandmother. She’d wandered around the house curiously calling out her name and checking each room when she found her grandmother out on the floor. In panic she rushed to her grandmother's side and called her name, shaking her slightly. Her face swelling with tears she quickly punched in the emergency line and called for an ambulance. After she got confirmation that they were on the way she called Lev and both her parents. They understood the panic in her voice and rushed home. Lev got home before the ambulance before they rushed Himari off to hospital leaving the two kids alone clutching each other as they waited for their parents. Emma rushed in to comfort her kids and Asai packed some of Himari's things. They then rushed to hospital and after 2 hours of patiently waiting, they then soon got word back and was told the hospital couldn't save her. Devastated Asai took his wife and kids home keeping quiet as they let the news sink in. When they arrived home Rini ran to her room and slammed her door, keeping herself locked there for weeks grieving over her grandmother. 

With 2 weeks of school left Rini dragged herself out of her room and focused hard as she took her exams and missed tests praying that she’d pass even though she missed 3 weeks of learning and school.
(and onto adulthood...)


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