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IGN: AssassinRP
RP Name: Sasori Jeonji-Kanyhate
Age: 45


Character backstory and description (over 200 words): Sasori Jeojni-Kanyhate was born in Moscow, Russia. He looked like any ordinary child, He had an average life up until the age of 12, just going to school, passing and failing tests, anything an average child would do. His brother and father were full-blood Russian, and his mother and sister were full-blood Korean. Sasori spent his childhood playing sports, basketball, football, call of duty, and any other sport an average teenager would do. At the age of 14, Sasori was kidnapped against a randsome, and spent 3 months locked up until he killed his kidnappers and ran away.  He spent 10 years up to 24 years old, in hiding with his 2 most trusted friends, Meimaku and Tijaroki, they were his best friends since the age of 8, and going on until the inccident. He went back to college up until 26 years old, getting a Diploma and going out from Moscow to Seoul to work as a doctor. He joined the EMS team and worked with them for 6 years, until 32 years old. He retired off and decided to lead off and go out to parties, reading, slouching out and relaxing with his Gs. He kept this way for a year and went back to working, but as of nothing, His brother, mother and dad died in a car crash, and that turned Sasori around. He knew this was planned, but he didn't really bother looking into it, although his parents were nice, there was no reason to go looking. Sasori gained some life lessons with his family's death, and some problems along the way, being able to defeat them. At this point, Sasori had been going to the gym, and had gotten up from his slouching, he although never seemed to be able to grow a beard, which he was upset about. From his past problems with his kidnapping, he decided to tattoo himself with some Yakuza looking tattoos, signifying his family's relationship and how they helped him out. Sasori married Meimaku at the age of 32, and then had 2 kids who grew up with him to the age of 12, also meaning he got to 45, and he had raised his children right, they were respectful, caring and kind. Sasori then decided to raise them with more disciple, yet still being caring to the further day. Sasori had an overall good life, and went on with it at a dedicated level for his family, his wife and his children.
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