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Grace's Adult Application

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RPNAME:Grace "Delilah" Tainashi


CHARACTER BACKSTORY: Grace was born on June 25, of 2001 in a small town of Ireland. She was the second of four children to come out of the Tainashi family. Her mother and father were both part of the military during most of her childhood, so she was raised mostly by her older brother Declan, while trying to raise her two younger siblings. Ever since she was young she has had a passion for baking and nature. When Grace was 16 she began traveling the world with her brother Declan, who would soon be murdered when they returned to Ireland. They began calling her Delilah, because everyone knew who she was, but they didn't know “her”. Due to this she can often come off as quiet, but once she opens up she has an old soul with a soft spot for people. Although Grace has a very soft and outgoing spirit, if you hurt those she cares for she will not tolerate it. She decided to move to the last town her and Declan visited, and try to find who she is now.  So after her 21st birthday she packed up her bags one night and caught a plane to Seoul, Korea. It was time for her to experience this on her own.

DESCRIPTION: The woman before you is around 5’6 with a petite but muscular build. She would have tattoos of peonies on the side of her neck, and a rose with thorns on her forearm. When she smiles her dimples show, and her teal eyes shine. The scent of strawberries and Mo’cis cologne would follow her.



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