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OOC section:



Time zone:

Any previous bans/warns?

Describe your current level of activity on the server:
Currently, I'd consider myself a very active part of the community and server as I am online every day most of the time. On top of this, I have free time pretty much every day on the weekdays though sometimes I might not be as active on the weekends although I will still try to get on if I can, and I do have other servers to play but I am still able to dedicate more than enough time to Seoul Roleplay to be able to consider myself an active person in the server right now. To summarise my over all activity, I have enough free time to attend trainings and server/police events.

Do you have access to a microphone?

Do you have any previous experience with police work?
Not really, no.

Do you have any experience with CombatRP?
Yes, I have been involved in CombatRP on multiple different servers at this point, using many different weapons. On SLRP, I have been involved in combat from all levels including the point of permanently killing off someone else's character. I prefer to fight using rolls simply because it prevents the whole element of people claiming it's unrealistic, or trying to abuse the Play to Lose system in order to in fact Play to Win. That being said, I am fully able to P2L when it is required and I would like to consider myself a competent combat roleplayer, and the fact that I've been openly and very actively involved in crime and combat on the server and have no warns, bans or kicks to me just furthers this point.

What motivates you to apply for SPD?
In real life, law enforcement has always been something that has stuck out to me as a career path, but not only that I do find it to be a very interesting subject especially in the psychological sense as you are giving regular human beings the ability to use lethal force in the pursuit of peace which can lead to several abuses of power as you simply can not switch on and off human survival instinct. My motivation to apply for the SPD also stems from me watching several other people who are currently in the SPD go about their business, and I think that's something I'd like to be involved in and think I'd do a good job in.

IC information:

Character name:
Yeong Dae-Ho

Character age:

South Korean

 Preferred pronouns:

What motivates your character to join the force?
Yeong has had a twisted past, he has been heavily involved in crime throughout his life although at no point has he been caught, arrested or anything of the sort as he always managed to get away with it. He has intended to join the police for quite some time, and only found himself not applying over the years because he felt as if he was too involved in the criminal world to get away with leaving, though as he slowly moved himself away from it his interest for law and the enforcement of such piqued once more. Yeong was a news reporter for this reason, wanting to see how officers acted in the line of duty and wanting to help out wherever he could, until it eventually culminated in him attempting to join the force.

Is your character familiar with self-defence?
Yes, Yeong is very familiar with self-defence as he has had to use it multiple times in his own life. Self Defence usually only applies to the person whom is attacked first, although some circumstances require a change in that definition and as such it is a very vague term with a lot of room for doubt. Yeong is aware what classifies as 'excessive force' and makes sure to, when possible, stay within only as much force as he has to (When it's in a public setting..) use in order to stop the attacker. In the form of Police work, self defence is usually not used with fists and instead with the taser or in extreme cases the firearm, however at times an officer may have to utilize physical hand-to-hand combat in the field. 

How well does your character work with others?
Yeong works quite well with other people, surprisingly for someone of his usually anxious-seeming disposition. He has always had to get along with people, from school to college to work and now in his every day life. He knows that without other people, he would have nothing and this causes him to allow others to help him, as well as offering help to those who he feels need it the most. Yeong, put simply, works well with other people because he needs to work well with other people and there is no real love for them behind it, he simply knows that he needs people to have his back if he'll succeed in the world - which would transfer into a police department rather well.

Is your character independent or a team player?
Yeong is a mixed bag, he is a team player when he has to be, for example in a Police setting it's important you work well with others, going out on patrol in squads of two instead of being a lone-wolf as well as the mandatory trust that you have to put into people, to know that they'd put their life on the line for you, and for this he offers the same respect to others. However, by nature, Yeong is an independent thinker who would love nothing more than to be able to solve everything by himself, and for quite some time has tried to achieve just that and only after many years of trial and error has he managed to find what, he views as, a good balance.

What makes your character unique?
Yeong, in general, has quite a lot going on for him in the terms of uniqueness. To start, he has a very illegal and criminal past in the city of Seoul, and as such his sense of morality and his moral compass have been warped into a manner that makes him stand out from other individuals, his mentality consists of lessons he has been taught by both society, his parents, etcetera. The regular stuff, the things everyone is expected to agree with, however it has also been warped by his own experiences in life and the lessons he has taught himself and seen to be valid in life. These two senses of morality conflict heavily with each other, and brings a lot of internal conflict into Yeong's mentality.

Backstory [100+ words]
Full disclosure, this backstory comes from my adult application (Obviously with added parts and edited parts) however because the character it was made for ended up getting arrested before I could use the adult role on him, the character I play as an adult on is Yeong, and as such the backstory of Yun and that of Yeong.. Kind of merged, and it's that backstory I've been rolling with in roleplay.

Yeong was born a few years under three decades ago right in the heart of the bustling city itself, Seoul. His family was not as broken as some families in the city, and had two loving parents who worked decent hours but were always there for Yeong when it mattered most, at no time did he go hungry, not have fresh food and drink, or go without clean clothes. Whilst they were in no way a rich or middle class family, Yeong did not suffer much of the abuse that even his own friends had gone through. In school, Yeong struggled with subjects such as maths, and English, whilst succeeding in Korean and History as well as having a decent natural talent for P.E and the physical side of education. Yeong  never enjoyed school for the most part, what was there to enjoy? it was full with annoying students, bitchy teachers and most importantly there was a lot of work, although he did make quite a few friends which made his stay bearable.


As he grew up, he slowly found himself leaning more into his friends, going out drinking instead of staying at home and studying, much to the dismay of his parents. This being said, he wasn't a dumb teenager and got decent marks - decent enough, it would seem, because he found himself enrolling in a small college not too far outside of the city of Seoul before long, taking courses on public services as well as journalism and photography as he believed the best idea for his future would be to go into something where he could use his physical talent, which is one field that he knew for a fact he wasn't terrible at.. It wasn't exactly something he loved, at first. But he was getting good scored at his classes and it didn't completely bore him. Although he quite quickly found his grades dropping as he struggled to put enough effort into his classes.


This little issue he had wouldn't last long, however, as he soon had a sit down with one of the college career guidance councillors, which was scheduled for him specifically because of his lacking grades as a way to attempt to get him back on track, or to gauge if he simply wanted to leave college. It was in this meeting that he first thought about joining law enforcement for real, and decided that one way or another he'd end up in the Police.. And so he kept to his goal, although you couldn't exactly call his affiliation with the law 'faithful', as he did what he had to do in order to get by in Seoul once he graduated, and over the years he eventually drifted further and further from his goal, but never lost sight of it. In an attempt to regain some semblance of normality, he took a job at Seoul news, and started limiting his exposure to crime.


Eventually, Yeong decided enough was enough, and as he had no criminal record and as such no proof of any wrongdoings or crimes he had committed in his past, he decided to go down the path of law enforcement once again, applying to the Seoul Police Department to enter their cadet program.

Level of education [Associates, Bachelors, Masters, etc.]
High school diploma
College graduate in a public services course


If charged by an armed delinquent, how should you react?
Put simply: Lethal force. At the point of someone being armed with a weapon, you should already have your lethal sidearm ready, and In this situation I most certainly would have it out and aiming at the individual as soon as I see that they have a weapon, I would not attempt to deploy a taser because the simple truth is it is far too risky to try and use non-lethal force when someone else is using lethal-force, and reasonable force in this instance would be to stop the threat, whilst preserving officer life. As soon as the individual moved towards me, I'd fire off multiple shots until he was downed, secure the weapon and then perform emergency first-aid on the person and call for EMS, and then deal with a prison sentence and legal issues only after he was deemed recovered by EMS.

While you are at the station, another officer sends out a distress signal. What do you do?
When an officer receives a distress signal, you should make sure you do everything you can to help them. However, you shouldn't put yourself in danger to do this and should first try and see if there were any other officers in the station whom could go out with you, and if possible try to pull up body camera footage of the officer in question just to know what was going on, while attempting to make radio contact with him. After enough people were ready, we'd head out towards the officer's distress signal (Enough people are whoever you can scramble together right off the bat, no waiting too long as it obviously defies the point of a distress call) with lethal force ready to be engaged if needed.

You are surrounded by several armed individuals; how do you react?
As I have mentioned before, once someone is armed and poses an active danger to the life of yourself, another officer or a member of the public, it is time to swap to lethal force. I'd draw my pistol on the individuals, as there is no way I'd have a taser out in this situation and would immediately send a distress signal to all other officers, making as much radio contact as possible. I would also like to fire a warning shot, if I could, to try and disperse the group until backup arrived. As soon as one of them moved towards me, I would unload as many bullets into them as I had to in order to neutralize them, and would not perform the regular first aid on the suspect until I was in a safe position.

You believe a higher up officer is abusing their power, what do you do?

As far as I know, there is no "Internal Affairs" unit within the Seoul Police Department, and whilst I think it'd make a good addition to the force, the fact that it does not exist would not stop me from dealing with this in a professional manner. If they were an officer ranking from the Corporal to Captain range, I would go straight to the Commissioner to deal with after ensuring I had sufficient proof to provide to the Commissioner. However, if it was the Commissioner their self who is abusing their power, I'd have no choice but to go directly to a governmental body with as much evidence as I can put together. I would not inform the officers in question about this, as it defies the point of an anonymous report and would create animosity within the PD.



Yeah, I'm applying for the SPD on a criminal character. Personally, I like the idea of a cop having a hidden past like this, as he was never arrested for anything or caught. Although I can see if it's not exactly appropriate on another level, if this would be denied just because of that element then know I'd be willing to change the character it's on, although if it is still to be denied or is to be denied for a separate reason, eg; just a bad application, then that's fine.

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