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The account I’m applying for is ‘bmei2'. My main account is 'bmei' which currently has the HS Cheer-Captain role.



I'm 17, turning 18 in May.


Pacific Standard Time, yet I have quite an open schedule so I can adjust to other’s time zones.

If you have discord, what is your tag?:



Do you have a working microphone?

Yes, I have a working microphone which I use often. I’m available to join VCs at almost anytime.

How active are you?
m online almost constantly on my main account. I’d put my activity on a consistent 9 out of 10.


Any bans/warnings?

No, I have not received any sort of punishment during my time on SeoulRP.

List any past/current applications.

I have no applications to list besides my Highschool Cheer Captain application, which was accepted.


What is your motivation for joining EMS?
My motivation for joining EMS is quite simple; to explore a few personal fixations of mine including psychology and DetailRP as a whole. Psychology is something I’ve always been curious about since I was young and a career path I’m pursuing in my personal life; being able to learn more and participate in roleplay related to such an infatuation is something I’m certainly interested in. On the mention of DetailRP, I already do some detailed roleplay when it comes to being a Cheer Captain and writing detailed routines for practices and tournaments. I’ve also had past roles on other servers involving DetailRP such as teaching positions, but I’ve never indulged in MedicalRP till this application.

In general, I'm interested in being able to explore more roleplay experiences that I haven't before. Although I mainly stick with student characters, having an EMS character sticks out to me as it's simply something new that I have yet to try. MedicalRP has interested me lately which is why I decided to apply for a psychiatrist position!


State the role you are applying for [Nurse, Doctor, Surgeon, Paramedic, Psychiatrist]


List all the departments of EMS and what they do.


Although job descriptions are supplied in the Discord server, I decided to put them into my own words to show a larger understanding;

Surgeons could be considered one of the hardest jobs in the field. Their purpose is to mostly perform operations and other medical procedures to treat a variety of different things, such as deformities, diseases, and injuries. Though sometimes a Surgeon may be called in to offer medical advice regarding a patient.

Doctors are the ‘typical’ General Practitioners, you go to them regarding check-ups, medical advice, and concerns. Within the hospital services, they can be considered a ‘jack of all trades being required to know a large number of different things, such as symptoms of various diseases and infections, and what to prescribe a patient for said medical issues. Those are just two examples of what a doctor is required to know.

Nurses can be considered the ‘backbone’ of medical services, as they serve a vital role in the ‘background’ work of the medical world. They’re tasked with assessing patients before a doctor, gaining a patient's trust, planning and delivering a patient’s medical care, monitoring their progress, and taking samples, pulses, pressures, and temperatures. They provide all this information to the correct department to ensure a patient is given the proper and fastest medical care.

Psychologists are quite a ‘loner’ group in the medical world. Whilst most departments strive for physical well-being, the psych department focuses on the mental well-being of a patient. They assess a patient's mental health in order to discover mental illnesses. This department is all about gaining trust, listening to patients, and working towards ‘fixing’ whatever mental imbalance occurs in their headspace.

Paramedics simply put are ‘first responders’ most of the time. They are the people that go out into the field, responding to emergency calls and administering various different medical procedures to save a person’s life. They assess patients in the field, provide emergency treatment and make quick medical diagnoses. They also monitor and administer medication for pain relief or infusions, dress wounds or injuries, and get emergency patients into a proper, safe place to be seen by specialists.


How familiar are you with Detail/Medical RP?
I'm quite familiar with DetailRP; not much so with MedicalRP but I’m very interested in learning about it. I have mass amounts of experience being placed in positions where DetailRP is required; such as hosting the captain position of teams in which DetailRP is the complete backbone, for example, Track (SRP) and Cheer (SLRP + CRP)

If accepted, I intend on utilizing DetailRP when on my EMS account as much as I can.

Do you acknowledge that at any point you can be demoted or removed if given a valid reason? [Ex: Guidelines, Skipping Trainings, etc.)

I understand these given consequences completely.




PART 1: Character Apprehension:


Tell us about your character; how do they look, and what makes them unique
Sansuyu Hyo-Sonn is a 5’6 fully South Korean female with gentle dark blue eyes and a soft facade given to her. A light amount of freckles dotted her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose, which decorated her pale skin and flushed cheeks.
Short black hair sat on her shoulders with a charming smile bringing it all together. Sansuyu was described as a natural beauty with a gentle and quiet demeanor, a calming aura, and an overall caring or motherly vibe to her.

Explain your character’s outlook on co-workers, personality, and future life.
Sansuyu is a truly ‘darling’ female, named after the Korean flower of the same name or ‘cornelian cherry flower,’ her personality blooms when she’s partaking in activities she enjoys; such as traveling and research. Sansuyu is described as a truly curious soul with a dedication to exploration and learning new things. A common interest of hers she picked up was psychology due to the factor of learning how the brain works and interacts with the outside world.

Sansuyu’s one life passion is to assist others in any way she can; she picked up taking care and watching over her younger sister as soon as she could and took up a minor degree in Sociology to learn how she can pursue her life’s passion even further. When it comes to her view on 

Does this character have a criminal past?

Sansuyu has no criminal history nor is she associated with crime whatsoever.


Background:[Minimum 100 words]
Born into a quiet life in the heart of Seoul to a humble home with demanding parents, Sansuyu lived an overall happy life with an excellent childhood; marking high on her exams without issues and being overall quiet, not getting into much trouble. When Sansuyu turned 10 years old, her father passed away shortly after her mother gave birth to her younger sister Misa. The passing of her father greatly affected her life in ways that still show to this day. 

Sansuyu was seen as the more academic child, her younger sister constantly being compared to her despite their large age gap. She was proud of this factor as the competition was something she held close to her heart, the validation seeping into the development of her personality has now created what she is today. As soon as Sansuyu graduated from high school, she pursued a major in psychology and a sociology minor, keeping herself in education until she concluded with a PsyD degree. 

As time went on, Sansuyu and her younger sister both grew apart with her younger sister being a troublemaker Cheerleader who was constantly up to no good, while Sansuyu focused on her education and future. They were described as both being immensely different compared to each other; with goals and dreams building themself away from one another, Misa being locked in on pursuing Fashion out of the country while Sansuyu was locked into her decided life passion of assisting those around her. Many played it off as an age difference with maturity, but Sansuyu felt pity for her younger sister as she grew up behind Sansuyu’s spotlight. 

After a while, the pair reconnected as Misa was nothing without her family and their mother had moved out of the city. Since it was just them now, Sansuyu’s dedication to securing a better job spiked up and is now what she is set on doing.



PART 2: Character Details:


Character’s Full Name:
Sansuyu Hyo-Sonn - formally Hyo-Sonn Sansuyu


Character’s Title: 


Character’s Age:


Character’s Gender:
Biological Female.

Character’s Nationality:
South Korean.

Character’s Marital Status:
Single - Unmarried.


PART 3: Academic Details:


Working Experience(s):
Behavioral and Substance Abuse Therapist - Started this occupation as a student and pursued it until recently.

Years of Residency:
Sansuyu was born and raised in Seoul, therefore her years of residency are 28.

Academic Degree:
PsyD / Doctorate

Major (s):

Minor (s):




As a physician of Seoul, you pledge to practice medicine with humility, honesty, compassion, and integrity. You will provide the best care to the citizens of Seoul, refraining from judgment, the patient’s past, or your own beliefs. 


Sansuyu Hyo-Sonn

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