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RP Name :

Sijeong Ji-Ho

Age :


Character backstory  & Description :

Sijeong Ji-Ho, a jet black haired man, with a sly face, he stood at 5 '11. His body was built enough to be healthy, but not too muscular as to ruin the stature of the man. His facial features were prominent, his hair neatly done up. His clothing in pristine condition, having an air of confidence that not many could replicate.

 Born to the prestigious and ever-expanding Sijeong Family, Ji-Ho holds up to the family's expectations, better yet he has exceeded its expectations. Holding several Master’s Degrees in several prominent fields; economics, politics, international affairs, international business and finally, law. He found a keen fondness in law, one that led him down the line to being a scholarship student at Harvard Law, which he later graduated as valedictorian of his class. 


Freshly graduated, and after a very large send-off party, paid by his family, Ji-Ho set his eyes on several large law firms within New York, which had all offered him very appealing salaries and jobs. Ji-Ho being the man that he is, chose the largest with the biggest reputation. Becoming a Junior Partner from the get-go, he built a reputation around himself for being the best lawyer money could buy. Settling multi-billion dollar deals, getting the firm several large clients. He became intoxicated by the life of a lawyer, expensive haircuts, suits that could pay a person's rent, cars that people have never seen before; at such a young age, he is considered one of the best lawyers internationally. He keeps that name today, where he’s back in South Korea on a ‘business trip’, sorting out some issues that have arised.

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