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Clexxs Jaeger



Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

Clexxs Jaeger was born in the outskirts of Berlin Germany, he was a small yet gentle boy at a young age. He enjoyed exploration, fantasy and going on adventures with his friends when his father was not around or cared about what he was doing for the time. His family lived in their dynasty owned estate mansion, or rather called the 'Jaeger Home' by the locals since only Jaegers lived in that house and nobody else was allowed to. His mother was a kind and gentle soul who cared for Clexxs more than her own self, he was her everything, her pride and joy and she hated it when his father, Karl, punished him unfairly for things he didn't mean to do or didn't get the grades his father wanted him to get, both him and his mother payed the price of speaking and going against his word. To call the Jaeger household dark would be shining a dim light over what it truly was like living there in young Clexxs's eyes. His father, Kart was a vicious and unfair man, if he didn't like something about a Jaeger he gave them a choice. Fix it or undergo punishment for disobeying the word of Mr. Jaeger as everyone called him. Soon after Clexxs's fifth birthday his own father set fire to the family estate, burning it down to the ground and killing everybody else who was trapped inside, Clexxs and his mother barely survived. His father, Karl, before setting fire to the estate emptied the family treasury and packed it all into his car, at the time his father was also cheating on Clexxs's mother with one of his secretaries from his business firm in Berlin. He directly and planned on forcing both Clexxs and his mother to be homeless and bound to the cold winter streets of Berlin. Life for the two of them was rough, so rough that his own mother knew that only one of them would survive until the next spring. She didn't mind that at all though since she knew that he would eventually live to become a stronger and more dignified man than his father could ever try to be, and that is what she wanted to do most, spite her ex-husband with their child he claimed everyday was a 'Bastard Child' who 'does not deserve anything and should be lucky to even be living'. One day in mid February during a snowfall Clexxs went to the local cafe that would give him and his mother spare hot cocoa they had left for them and bread or pastries they knew they would not sell that day for them to eat instead to stay on their feet. As he was returning from the cafe and turned the corner he saw his mother being beaten on by some thugs and rushed to her side to help her but, he was cracked over the head with a baseball bat and was rendered helpless and weakened by one of the thugs as they all ganged up on his mother they punched, kicked, stabbed and even forced themselves upon her infront of young Clexxs eyes until he passed out and woke up an unknown amount of time later. but, as he made his way over to his mother's side she was nearly gone, she only had a few moments left and in those moments she said "Clexxs, you are my pride and joy, I need you to grow up to be strong and dependent for me okay? Show your father, spite him with just how far you will go and all you will achieve in life. I love you my Little Snowflake.." and just like that she had drifted away beyond his control anymore. 

Months have passed since his mother's passing, he was cold, alone and now on his last legs mere days away from joining his mother in the same back alley where she was also taken. But one fortunate day a man came along walking down the street with multiple other men in front and behind him, he seemed of great importance but Clexxs did not have the energy to call out to him so all he did was stare the man down and watch him pass, but he stopped infront of Clexxs, bent down and looked him in the eyes and said "You remind me of when I was a young boy, cold, alone and starving with nobody around to help me out. So I will help you out today and give you a choice, you can either come with me into my family and business and be bound to us for the rest of your life or, you can die here, alone, hungry and cold. Which will it be young one?" How could he refuse the offer? This was his only shot at becoming a man better than his father and ultimately stay alive for a lot longer than he was going to be on the streets alone. He couldn't say yes so he nodded his head and the man gently scooped him up into his arms and carried him to his Limousine, the man wore a strange pin on his suit with foreign characters labeled on them in black with a clean white background. 

They did not speak much on the car ride to the airport or even on the plane but what Clexxs soon to be new father told him this, "Before we get to your new home I want you to know I am the Supreme leader of the Yakuza Clan in Japan known as The Sumiyoshi-Kai Clan. I will give you everything you need, knowledge, strength, food, a bed and the tools to survive in this world. You will become more than the average man with my help, my son." Clexxs didn't oppose to this idea at all in fact, he wanted to see what would happen if he continued down this path so he followed where the road ultimately lead him down. As they landed in Kyoto Japan there were tens of cars and hundreds of people men and women all waiting for them to get off the private jet and into the decorated limousine. As they drove his father talked to him about what he was going to do until a certain age and what would come after that, and one day he will own everything his father has including the seat as the Supreme leader of the clan. He listened to every one of his fathers words diligently, making sure to keep everything locked in and to not forget it. When they arrived to the Clan Estate it was large, it was the size of a small town to be blunt and there were a lot of people posted outside the gate awaiting their arrival and for their duty to just stand there and be on the lookout for any incoming messengers or anything of their use. Clexxs settled himself into his new room and saw there was a small black and white suit awaiting for him hanging on the Wardrobe next to his bed, his father came in and told him that suit was going to be his second layer of skin and first line of defense against any form of attack and to get showered and cleaned up before trying it on, which he did clean himself up and when he tried it on he was dumbfounded at how it fit him perfectly and above all else how he looked, the suit also had the same emblem as his father's pin embraided into it on the left outside flap on his chest. For the following thirteen years he would study under his father, work for him and even went with him on peace treaty and other Clan meetings in order to learn how to act in such scenarios, how to talk and how to present himself in front of his potential business partners. He had learned so much in a short amount of years but it was all going to come close to an end as quickly as it all began for him. 

One summer afternoon as he was out at a local town near the estate collecting protection money and getting info on when their next shipment of imported weapons would be, he could feel as if something was off but payed no mind to it. So he went back home and saw there was no guards at the front gate, okay now there was something terribly wrong to him and he prepared himself for battle but when he opened the gates he saw the aftermath of the slaughter, the bodies of his friends, loved ones and members laid slain across the grounds and how the maidens were desecrated in death. He was horrified at what he saw and as he walked towards the Supreme leaders house he saw only more and more bodies lain about. Which each step he took to his fathers office his heart grew heavier and he grew angrier and when he opened those sliding doors, he was met with his father, decapitated and his head mounted on a spike in front of the doors. He cried out, everything he held near and dear to him taken away once again, after a long moment of screaming and crying he eventually pulled himself together and began the process of burring everyone who was killed at the estate which was everyone besides himself. The sole surviving member of the Sumiyoshi-Kai clan and the now acting head of it. he traveled the world for twelve whole years trying to track down and find who killed his father and clan mates again, who took everything away from him but he found nothing, it was as if it was the work of a god who made it all happen. He now arrives in Seoul to hopefully leave his past behind him and move on from his tragic past and even maybe start his own new lineage. 

The man before you stands at a tall 6'4 with snow white hair and monotone grey eyes, fair pale skin and a extremely toned physique. He would have more than just a few scars all over his body from years of conflict, they were all aged and defined. There were also burn scars on his neck and arms, the scars that stood out the most were his scars on his head. Firstly being the one going across his entire neck which was covered by a large burn scar and there was another one which stood out from the rest, the one going down the right side of his face over his right eye which didn't blind him thankfully. 

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