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Adult Application

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RP Name:


Dustin Aleman






Character backstory:


Dustin Aleman was originally born in Russia. Dustin has always been a person of ingenuity and ambition, which complemented his general persona. Later in his middle school life, he wanted to finish his school in another country, just to experience more of life. His parents agreed to let him finish his schooling, however, the finances were a bit of an issue. Dustin dug more into his research and found a peculiar place called 'Seoul'. Seoul was very inexpensive to live in Korea, had free health insurance, and had a decent school.  Without hesitation, he mentioned the place to his parents and was humble enough to let him stay there. Dustin was placed in a special class where the teacher was fluent in speaking Russian. Though, Dustin did struggle in learning the native language. However, the teacher was able to guide him through the learning process and eventually became fluent in his 9th year of high school. Soon after graduating high school, Dustin went in for college to get his Diploma in practical nursing. He went in as an intern for a bit, however, he realized he didn't feel like he was cut for the field of work. He tried searching for a career he wanted to pursue. This went on for about 7 years until Dustin finally decided to drop out of college as a whole, giving up on spending an excessive amount of money that never benefited him.  Dustin, 26 at the time, needed to find a job to survive. He found a recent establishment that opened in the city and found happiness working there. He made great friends with the coworkers, conversed with people all over the town, and practically been family to the establishment. Three years have passed (Dustin would be 29 at this time), and the owner, unfortunately, passed away. Dustin tried to run the business, however, the owner never passed it to his name if he passed. Unfortunately, Dustin was not able to afford the establishment and had to abandon a foundation that he made great memories in. Dustin has fallen into a state of lost hope, which leads him into being part gang-affiliated. He now roams the streets as Soule, not as just only a lost soul, but a criminal...




The male in front of you would stand at a generous 6’2, weighing 280 pounds. His facial features would be sharp, with sleek swept hair, and brilliant blue eyes. Noticeably, his posture would be straight and strong, complimenting his professional and confident attitude. When talking, his voice would be deep and representable. As he was walking by, he’d smell of RedWood with a hint of cinnamon. 

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