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Adult Application



RP Name:

Soo-Yunn β€˜Fang’ Han



Character backstory and description :

Born in South Korea, Soo-Yunn lived the majority of her childhood from ages 1-11 in her home city of Seoul in the Han estate alongside her Matriarch mother Sun-He Han, Her twin brother Tae-Min, her many uncles and aunties, cousins and many more that visited the estate for business on behalf of her mother whilst spending rarely any time with her father Tsumugi Kokushibo in his own country-side home as he and Sun-He are divorced. Sun-He lived in the shadow of her twin brother who managed to not only snatch the love of their mother, but became rather infamous as a young child for his beauty and talents in singing where-as Soo-Yunn struggled to find something to compete and instead kept to herself and instead went to her father for his love and affection.

Her life in South Korea was, as mentioned, cut short. On her eleventh birthday, Soo-Yunn along with her father flew to live in Paris, France where she then schooled and learned the language alongside her father, who worked full-time as a contractor andΒ businessman. Luckily for Soo-Yunn, she easily adapted to the lifestyle of Paris, quickly learning grade school level French from her short time in the city with her father on the other hand, struggling quite a bit though still knowing enough to keep them quite stable in income. Her life in France was what triggered her love for fashion and the culture of food, unable to decide whether she wanted to be a Fashion designer when she grew up or a chef/Baker and own her own restaurant.

Although her life in France was perfect with her father with little to no grief from her mother, that was all turned on its head when Sun-He suddenly demanded that Tsumugi bring Soo-Yunn home to South Korea in order to begin the family tradition of training physically and educationally in order to determine which of the twins, Tae or Soo would take over the Han family business in Sun-He’s stead. With Soo-Yunn now back home in South Korea, the young girl spent years and years training in belief that maybe she could surpass Tae and win back her mother’s love which yes, she did surpass him greatly in training, but under false belief of her mother’s love, Soo-Yunn dedicated her life to her training to become stronger and stronger, forgetting her wishes to become a Chef or a fashion designer, instead becoming the family’s greatest fighter. This was when Tsumugi became enraged, demanding Sun-He hand his daughter over, threatening the woman’s life, so in haste, Sun-He sent Soo-Yunn to japan under the belief that it was to better her training.

Soo-Yunn upon reaching Japan entered a small town full of crime, a town where she provided for herself alone, sent herself to school and homed herself, making friends and relationships, growing as a person and alongside her training, regained her love for fashion and cooking which then she found Goth fashion, taking it on as her own and throughout the years went from gothic lolita, to romantic goth, e-goth, then finally punk goth whilst cooking to provide for her friends and herself. Through her years in the town, Soo-Yunn picked up a love for art, opening an in-home tattoo parlor and piercing shop where she would pierce her future fiance, ichigo Masanori. Ever since the night that she pierced his tongue after offering it to him, Soo-Yunn was madly in love with the man, then-on dedicating her life to him and training herself not only as a fighter, but to be the perfect future wife for him during their relationship.

After many loving years of being a couple, they finally had their first child, Ryota Han. Then the two decided that town was nowhere near safe enough to raise a child, deciding to move back to South Korea on their own behalf with Ryota which now they plan to raise the young boy and also plan to open up their own Restaurant + Bakery. Hopefully during this time, they plan to get married in Seoul, growing and raising their new family with the sudden support of Soo-Yunn’s mother, Sun-He.


To Contact me, Add ✟ π‡πžπ± ✟#0666Β on Discord

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Thank you for taking the time to apply to have your character become an adult! Paste the link to this post in the #help channel in the SeoulRP discord when the server is released to get your role!

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Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β Discord:Β Cawot<3#0860

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