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Axteruz alt account Police-Officer application.


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IGN: Makersix

Discord: Axteruz#7321

Age(not required): 17


Why do you want to join the police force? (50 words or more): 

I want to try becoming a police officer because it's fun to actually be on a good side in the city, becoming a cop, saving, and helping others seem pretty good other than just witnessing gang fights, kidnapping, and bullying, murder and ETC going on left and right. I am tired of seeing all these illegal activities go on and I can't step in or do anything about it other than just calling the police number because I’d get myself in danger and also probably outnumbered too. I want to try to calm down gang rp before it starts getting BIG and starts going around the server 24/7 where cops can't do anything. I am trying to make the city peaceful and not having to worry about the amount of gang rp rising up more everyday. Joining the military police force seems like a good decision to make, I know I could be a very active player and help with arresting more criminals and maybe making cops more fearful since when players see barely any officers on, that’s then they start to gang rp more, the more cops that are active and online the more cops would be feared and I’m an active player.


What can you bring to the police force? (50 words or more):

What I can bring into the police force is activity, a ton of activity showing I am not there for just the glory of the (Military Police) role, Trying my best to do my job and not breaking any rules or being a biased cop. II want to put all my dedication and confirming I can do my best.  

It would be nice also making new friends and doing some new roleplay situations, I have roleplayed in different servers and know how to deal with situations and not mess up constantly making the police force look unorganized, I know how to make new players have fun and get a great understanding of SeoulRP how police works. Usually most rp servers get a lot of gangrp which takes over the server and police start becoming very inactive or there is not that many police on at the same time due to time zones, I want to balance it out as much as I can and prove that the military police can step up to criminals and put their worth ethic to the max and dedicate them selves 100% to reacting quickly and doing their job correctly.




Do you have any past experience in this field?: 

I haven't actually been a police role on this server but yes on other servers but not for long because it died, but studying  how police works, I can understand what they do and on other rp servers I got to get some good knowledge of how police operate.


Do you have a Microphone?: Yes.


Do you know that your rank can be taken off you at any moment?: Yes.


Why should we accept you over the other applicants?:

 Because I understand what police have to do after studying a lot in college getting my criminal justice degree diploma, and also in the academy. They have skill in checking and arriving to situations quickly and objectively recognizing actual and potential dangers determining a proper course of action. Skill in observing and remembering detail. Willingness to confront a variety of problems and situations. Interpersonal, interracial relations public skills.
Police got to do their job correctly and with proper form, doing their job as best as they can pushing themselves to the max limit, saving citizens' lives as if the police officers were saving their own family members. Studying and training, hard effort into showing what they are capable of and proving they can handle anything that comes at them that can make them think twice about their job. Some events could mess up with a police officer's mind, but they have to get used to it and face their fears. Being able to be mature, Open-minded, and being able to control their anger, being as calm as possible intense, dangerous situations not letting any type of emotion that can suddenly hit them make them fail at what job/situation they are currently in. I know different police task forces and understand what they have to go through which would really help me rp as a cop, allowing me to understand and help with investigations, I always had a strong motive to help with the law-enforcement which is trying to eliminate as much criminals as I can do, and make the city as safe as possible. 



Characters Name:  Viser Hatake


Age: 26


Why do you want to be apart of the force?(50 or more words): 

Viser all his life struggled with seeing people getting bullied, luckily he never got picked on due to his massive size as such a young age, but he was always witnessing crime all the time and it was horrible for him to see. He wanted to find out if there is some type of force or something to where he could prevent bullying other than just telling the teachers at school. He grew up realizing after school, there is no more detention or anything like that to stop bullying, now it's called jail and that excited  Viser making it show that bullies do get justice, so at age 15, Viser found out there was a Police force thanks to his father that finally told him about what police officers have to go through and if Viser is really prepared to become a cop. so after he graduated high school, at the age of 18 he went to college to get the criminal justice degree diploma and went straight to the academy after being in college for two years. After college, at 20 years old he was still in the academy but eventually he got out of the academy at 24, He now is ready and wants to become an actual police officer because he understands that it's a perfect career for him and it's in his blood that the PD stands out for him and his father was a cop himself, Viser notice how bad criminals are compared to police-officers, also Viser wants to serve with his brother Isao Hatake joining him and the Seoul Police department.


Characters backstory (100 words or more):

Early Life
Viser Hatake was born on September 24th in Russia, Kazan City, Coming from samurai descendance he was always proud of his heritage even to the extremes at times. When he was young about 6 or 7 when his father divorced his mother and forced Viser to practice martial arts which he became quite skilled in, although he missed his mother a great deal, his mother did not wish to see him, telling him to return to his father, feeling alone. He'd grow to resent his father but simultaneously respected the man for having taught him a great deal about martial arts which he would use on multiple occasions throughout his youth. Due to his problems at home,  Viser would lash out with fits of anger and rage, he would grow a very aggressive personality and often thought of as being hot-headed he didn't make too many friends.
Later Life
Upon a visit to his mother they reconciled their differences and became closer, this brought closure to Viser but not happiness, later that year his mother would pass away from stomach cancer. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with emotion he would often seek out nature and go into the woods near his home to meditate and reflect on his life, eventually, all the time he had to himself allowed him to shed his rage and pain to become a more graceful, and peaceful human being. After school he would spend his time reading more and more about the samurai of the past and learned more about his own family causing him to adopt the practice of Bushido and embrace the way of the samurai, this not only brought him happiness but made him a more honorable person.


What does your character specialise in?: 

He is good at martial arts, knowing how to defend others and especially himself, going into quick locks or submissions which could actually help him a lot with his arrests if his tazer is not functioning properly during a dangerous situation or if he can't use it. He is good at listening and helping others when it comes to team work and builds a good chemistry with this co-workers quickly. He isn't one to assume and jump into conclusions, instead he is like a Judge which means he loves to hear two sides of the story and add them up to see who's in the right and who's in the wrong like a detective trying to figure out who the criminal is, Viser tries his best not to mess stuff up and if he doesn't feel safe about his action or anything he doesn't feel comfortable before doing, he will always notify his higher ups and ask for their advice/opinon on it.


Do you have any questions?:  no

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The character that you have applied on is currently jailed, you have until the 14th of February to update this application with a different character.

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Bradley | @fwlust
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  • Axteruz changed the title to Axteruz alt account Police-Officer application.


Unfortunately your application has been denied. Feel free to reapply in 14 days.
Your application has been denied due to one of the following reasons:

- Punishment History
- OOC Conduct
- Activity
- Lack of Detail
- Lack of past experience

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