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IGN: lordespapes
RP Name: Jin Kokawa
Age: 34

Character backstory and description (over 200 words):
The child came to life in London after the loss of his mother at birth. Although he had a very healthy, intelligent and even wealthy father, he was abandoned by him. One hour of the night in the hospital, the child crying in his crib was noticed by the nurse who came in to clean the room. No one cared about the baby, although the nurse immediately reported him to other hospital staff. A Korean couple, who lost their child at birth, saw the nurse holding the baby. That day, the boy got his own name. Jin, his surname got to be Kokawa. The Korean couple drove Jin home from the hospital that day. and they swore to take care of Jin as their true son after they lost their baby. but everything still didn't fall into place, after a few excited but also stressed days they spent home together Jin's mother suddenly collapsed to the ground. Jin was just a baby, didn't understand what was happening and was just crying while his father was taking his mother to the hospital. As time passed, his father looked very devastated because, like his real mother, he had lost the woman who adopted him. But this time, instead of leaving him, his father was ready to keep his promise and start a new life with him.

Years and years passed, and even though Jin's father was still very young, He took care of Jin more than he had ever before until he had matured enough. On an ordinary day, when Jin was only 10 years old, his father entered the house with a foreign woman, the woman did not speak English, Jin did not understand what they were talking about. His father was acting more tactless than normal. Before Jin realized what was going on, his father grabbed him by the collar and dropped him in front of the door of the house. Jin was too confused to cry, he couldn't understand what was going on and his neighbors who saw him asked what had happened, Jin told him and the lady asked him if he had any other relatives he knew. Jin gave her the phone number of his aunt, with whom they were close. His aunt came to pick him up in a white elegant dress without waiting. She knocked on the door of the house, but there was no answer from his father. His aunt put Jin in the car, and the place they went to looked like a wedding hall. Jin didn't know that his aunt was getting married at the time, but despite that, his aunt had come to pick him up.

As soon as the wedding was over, his aunt and her husband, Doma, talked quietly among themselves and suddenly made an important decision. Doma approached Jin and took him in his arms, they got into the car together and drove to the airport. For flights to Korea. Jin asked his aunt what happened and she smiled at Jin, said everything will be alright. Jin was happy, he was too young to understand what had happened. Upon their arrival in Korea, Jin was thrilled to see the house where his Aunt and Doma lived. His aunt was happy to see him excited, and so was Doma. Days passed, and even though her aunt worked during the day, Doma always stayed at home. When Jin asked Doma why he was staying at home and looking at the computer one day, Doma laughed at him and said, 'My job is here, son.' Jin was taken aback and asked him what his job was. Doma showed him a book he had written about his aunt and told him how wonderful and one-of-a-kind what he had done. Jin wanted to read that book Doma wrote. Because those words and the book intrigued him. Doma chuckled silently and asked him to bring back the book he had given Jin to read later. Jin rushed to his room and started reading the book, impressing Jin to know that only Doma wrote all that stuff. Jin said to himself 'I wonder if I can do that too..' that was the moment Jin's future dreams started.

Years passed, and a month before Jin started University, Doma found him in his room writing in an old notebook. Jin tried to hide the book but it was too late, Doma laughed at him and wanted to look at his book. Jin handed the book to him, Doma slowly turned the pages and read. Doma looked at him and asked, 'Do you like doing this?' Jin nodded. Doma's eyes lit up and told Jin to get ready. The two of them got into the car together and Doma drove towards Fukuoka. Jin asked him where they were going and Doma, holding Jin's old book in hand, smiled at him and said, 'You will see, kid.’ Jin became even more curious, and then they arrived. Jin got out of the car and looked around. The first thing he saw was the shaped building in front of him, 'Sungkyunkwan University' Jin was excited and surprised. Doma looked at him and smiled. He told Jin to wait in the car, and showed Jin's notebook to a man sitting in the backyard of the school. Jin couldn't see that well because they were camouflaged behind the trees. Jin waited and waited, Doma then walked up to Jin with a letter in hand, then got in the car and started driving home. At home he gave him the letter and asked Jin to fill it out, The school's registration forums were written in that letter. Jin froze. The thought that he could continue writing, even if it was for a short time, made his heart beat with joy. He filled the paper and handed it to Doma…

A few days later, a letter came back to Jin. There was a remarkable and fancy inscription about the acceptance of the school. Jin was overjoyed, he couldn't wait to tell Doma but soon his old memories came back. He found Doma, like his mother, lying on the floor. He couldn't even utter a word and just stood there. His aunt rushed in, called the ambulance, but it was too late. The expression on Jin's face was still the same, it didn't matter much but time passed, and it's been weeks. Jin didn't know what to do until his aunt took him to school. His aunt had a letter that came to Jin. She had taken him to school to enroll. Jin couldn't think much of anything and time flew by quickly. Jin was at university, months passed and he graduated even got amazing grades with a satifying degree, but the expression on his face was still the same as if he had seen Doma on the ground that day. His aunt saw the differences in Jin's behavior and looked at him. She said, 'Jin, Doma wouldn't want to see you like this.' Jin's face turned red, clenched his fist as he was about to cry, and determined to fix his future career, and his precious life. As the years passed. .  and he finally started to move on after many long 'empty' years for a new life.

His Appereance:
Mature man who stands around at 6'3, his hair seems a light color of black, shaped neatly but with a little part covering his right eye slightly. His hazel green eyes were evident on his pale skin, his body seems muscular and noticeable through the clothes he's wearing, that scratchy tone in his speech makes it easy to distinguish him from the rest when he speaks. That slight blur in his eyes is too obvious to show where he's looking. for some reason time has gloves on his hand, it is always seen on his hand, even in swimming clothes or hot weather.

Although his cold demeanor is serious, he has a very calm tone towards his own, and other students he's talking with. The tone of his voice would be quite serious but somehow warm towards the loved ones as he mostly seems uncaring and alone most of the day when he's out of the school. His additude would be slightly cold towards other people even though he's a warm and caring person inside.


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