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China's adult application

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  1. IGN: sheistysummer
    RPNAME: Skenobard Bashkimi
    AGE: 32
    CHARACTER BACKSTORY AND DESCRIPTION (OVER 200 WORDS): Skenobard Bashkimi is an Albanian young adult from the city of Elbasan, Albania. Skenobard grew up in a household of 5 which included him, two older brothers, and his two parents. His relationship with his parents was not the best, seeing as his father was always disappointed in everything he did, no matter what the topic was and his mother never spoke to anyone due to her sickness she had. His mother was always lying in bed suffering from a sickness that nobody could figure out and his father never respected Skenobard to any extent, He never saw Skenobard as a child who could live up to his wishes since his brothers were so much better than him at everything he did. On the other hand, Skenobard and his two older brothers, Xhevdet and Shkëlqar were very close as they did almost everything together. Skenobard followed in his older brother’s footsteps which caused him to fall into the crime scene when he was younger, joining many gangs and groups that revolved around crime. Skenobard eventually left the wrong gang, leading them to go after him and attempt to kill him which ran Skenobard out of Elbasan and into a new place, attempting to start over and live a new life.
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