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Kamijukkoku || Adult Application

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IGN: Kamijukkoku

RPNAME: Kyuhyun Paek

AGE: 107



Mr. Paek was born on October 29th, 1914 in rural South Korea to two successful entrepreneurs as parents, who were also quite good as parents, giving Kyuhyun a very stable childhood full of the proper necessities needed to raise a mentally and physically healthy boy, Kyuhyun was also quite popular in schools with both his classmates and his teachers, achieving numerous academic awards as a child, once he graduated from high school, things took a turn for the worse at the age of 19, at which point he'd suffer severe brain damage from a car accident that killed the other driver involved. He was admitted to a hospital shortly after, where he'd live for the better part of the next decade, during this time, his parents became very distraught, seeing their previously very healthy and happy child now be in such a state of affairs. Kyuhyun's parents would spend an exorbitant amount of money towards treatment for their child, nearly running themselves dry of money on multiple occasions. Years later, Mr. Paek's parents eventually could no longer afford to fund his treatment, having him go back to the family home in his early-mid 40s, where he'd become something of a hermit, never leaving his home, and rarely even leaving his room, only doing so to use the restroom and eat his daily meals. In the early 60s, both of his parents would die unexpectedly to old age, leaving Kyuhyun by himself with no one to care for him, after he found this out, he'd simply leave him home and go out into the streets of South Korea to live on his own as what was essentially a nomad. This leads us to today, where he's been living as a sort of nomad for roughly half a century, and currently resides in Seoul, living off of dumpster-diving and hand-outs from sympathetic passer-byes.


Kyuhyun Paek would be a 5'9 male of South Korean descent with a frail, lanky build with suspiciously well-kept hair and a possibly more suspiciously clean-shaven face. His mannerisms on the other hand would be extremely erratic, he'd move around in what was essentially a feral run or a slow, deranged crawl and his speech patterns would heavily suggest he couldn't form coherent sentences. He'd have brown-ish, olive eyes that seemed pretty stern if anything and and skin on the paler side of things.

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