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Axteruz Russian language application.

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Language you want:



How did the character adopt the language?:

Cired was almost 6 when his brother came into her life. His older brother, Trip, was an exchange student. He, later on, moved to Russia a year before his parents left him. After a while passed, he came back. As well as him coming back, Trip learned Russian and showed Cired how to speak it fluently. Early on in life, Cired's grandfather spoke Russian, so Cired only had a slight taste of what it was. When he was around, he would say small phrases but of course, they never came out correctly. When Trip came back, he had spoken Russian for almost a year without Cired knowing. Cired had to search up how and what words were being said and how to respond to them, never always right, but close enough. Though Trip taught Cired how to speak Russian, his grandfather did as well. His grandfather, when he was around, would quiz Cired and his cousin on many different types of words in Russian. It was a game every time they played. Cired and his cousin still play to this day. Trip was like Cired was like his own tutor, teaching him almost every word in Russian. After almost 5 years of practicing, CIred turned 14 and Trip got him a book before he left again for Russia. He studied for almost a full year not only to be able to understand others but to do it for his own benefit. He looked up to his brother and wanted to be just like him. Russian made his connect not only with Trip but with his grandfather and the rest of his family. Russian helped him pass classes in high school and hopefully help him get a job later on in life. Cired still speaks Russian to this day, and hopefully he learns more languages along the way!



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Its a good application, but some things are wrong that I would personally fix in the story. First Trip. I would explain on what he did to Learn Russian when he moved to Russia because if he didn't speak it beforehand, how would he understand people in Russia, or even learn it in Russia? I would explain on what he did to learn Russian, and the difficulties he had on his path learning it.

But everything else is perfect, so that's why im deciding to Accept it. DM calvin#4321 or metsu#7640 since I cannot give the language. 

I would also like to add that Don't bring other server's format's if this is one. We don't use this, so I don't know where you got it from. We will be releasing a format soon for the language applications.

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