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Z Rex's PD Application


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**IGN:** EnderBubs

**Discord:** Z rex#2316

**Age(not required):**  16

**Why do you want to join the police force? (50 words or more):**  I want to be able to stop crimes, ridding Seoul of its criminals and protecting its citizens. I'm experienced with detailrp, and I would like to see what it is like to be part of the PD, and not part of a criminal organization. On top of this, I know without the PD that gang roleplay would run rampant and it would be a lot less fun to roleplay, so I would like to reduce the crimes in Seoul to prevent boring and repetitive roleplay.

**What can you bring to the police force? (50 words or more):**  I'm not toxic, and I can bring some genuine roleplay to the PD. I have experience with cops, and I am somewhat familiar with how they work. I also love detailrping, so I can provide amazing roleplay off duty. Other than that, I am skilled in combatrp and gangrp situations, so I know what to do when things get sticky. Not just that im on my computer often and pretty much at the least on it for an hour a day so i will be able to get one

**Do you have any past experience in this field?:**  I do not, however I have seen how they work while I have gangrped.

**Do you have a Microphone?:**  Yeas, I have a working mic.

**Do you know that your rank can be taken off you at any moment?:** I understand this

**Why should we accept you over the other applicants?:** I already have past experience in combat, and I'm familiar with how the law enforcement system works. I would not need much training, and on top of that I could provide genuine roleplay. I will gladly follow all protocols, and I am interested in the roleplay other than just shooting and tasing people.


**Characters Name:** Karito nevio

**Age:** 23

**Why do you want to be apart of the force?(50 or more words):** Karito Nevio used to apart of gangs and did gang activity before hand. Though it got too much as he watched a lot of good and innocent people who did little too nothing die for their actions. He wished to join the police force to stop gangs and gang activity so that he could save lives and arrest the bad people who deserve to be punished

**Characters backstory (100 words or more):** Karito Nevio used to live in Japan with his family. He lived a good life for the time being, his mom being a baker and his dad working as a mechanic. Though as time passed karito's dad got into a situation which lead to his death. The mother died shortly after due to natural causes leaving Karito alone. He turned to a life of crime where during that time he lost a large amount of his friends. He lost his only two bestfriends, one jailed and the other murdered. As time grew on karito couldn't handle the current life he was in and how it was going so he decided to move too Korea in hopes of starting his life fresh.


**What does your character specialise in?:**  Hand-to-hand combat, normal police work. A private would be the best position for him.

Do you have any questions?:

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