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IGN: TR_Mazuko

RPNAME: Minako Shinigami 

AGE: 27

CHARACTER BACKSTORY AND DESCRIPTION (OVER 200 WORDS)Minako Shinigami was born in Japan with his twin brother Mazuko Shinigami. Their parents were mercenaries. But a few days before his and his brother's fourth birthday their little brother was born, his name was Amara. His parents put him and Mazuko through mental and physical training from the age of five until they were fifteen. A week after the twins turned 15 their parents went on their final mission. They went looking for someone that betrayed a gang and was told to kill him but never returned.So Minako and Mazuko didn’t know what to do so they best way they thought they could make money is robbing people so that’s what they decide to do to make money. But then three years later they are both 18, so they decide to move to Korea with their little brother Amara. A few months had passed since they have been in Korea and Mazuko is now leading a gang called “Valhalla'' but was later arrested for gang affiliation so then Minako took leadership of that gang so his brother's creation didn’t die off. Then another 8 years pass and Minako is now 27 and is still leading Valhalla but is now facing the rival gang that his brother was dealing with when he was leading. That gang's name is “Tenjiku” and they are led by one of Mazuko’s and Minako's friend Akuma Kataguri. Minako is just doing the best he can to lead Valhalla.

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