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Spanish Language App (Reapply)

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IGN(In Game Name): m0neyborn with a zero

What Language are you applying for?: Spanish

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters):


Being born into a Spanish and Korean Speaking household Min-Ji was expected to learn Spanish and Korean as it was commonly used in her household with her father being Korean and the mother being afro-spaniard. the mother and father wanted the children to learn both languages at a young age so it would be easier when they were older, while being in Korea she learned the Korean language first in elementary (which she speaks fluently now) but now her mother wants her and her kids to speak Spanish as well (age 5) as she was starting she began with her abc’s similar to being in a homeschooled Kindergarten environment. eventually she learned her times, dates, months, birthdays, and so on. (Age 14) While she was an excellent student at school it was hard for her to focus at home since it was a large household so it made her a little slower to learning Spanish unlike her siblings who got it down pretty quickly. She felt guilt and she began to study hard as well as use flash cards in order for her to learn Spanish quicker. (Age 16) With aid of her mother with her now being 16 she knows how to write and read Spanish she still struggles with speaking it so her mother helps her after school to speak more fluently and remind her of other Spanish speaking related topics, her mother also taught her their Spanish culture. eventually (Age 18) she got it down being fluent in Spanish and Min-Ji loves speaking Spanish at home with her mother and her family.


How does this benefit your character's roleplay? It would benefit my character Min-Ji by doing the lore of our current family role play where Spanish is spoke commonly in the household


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