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IGN: Moderate_wipe5

RPNAME: Jose Sanchez

AGE: 25

CHARACTER BACKSTORY AND DESCRIPTION (OVER 200 WORDS) Jose Sanchez, was Born on July 9th 1996 in Portugal. For the first few years of his life nothing really happened. His parents left him and his brother Julio when Jose was only 10. Because of that growing up he didn't have a lot of opportunities. He was from the lower end of town which was riddled with gangs and just bad people overall. Jose soon got used to all these gangs and such, So when Jose was 12 he joined a little street gang with a few of his friends so he could start to make money and gain a reputation among the people. Over time his planned worked and the people knew him among the streets. But as Jose aged he realized, that the gang life wasn't for him and he wanted something new some new type of spark in his life. Because of this he decided to takes trips around the world with the money he gained from being in the gang.He went to places like Mexico, America, and even Russia. He eventually found himself in Seoul, South Korea at the age of 18. He enjoyed the place very much and knew it was for him. So he settled down there and lived the rest of his life there.

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