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FireHawk's Adult Application

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IGN: FireHawk247

RPNAME: Sanuka Shimura

AGE: 27

Sanuka was born in Japan in 1995 to unnamed parents with bright heterochromia eyes. Growing up, she had few friends, although she considered her mother to be her best friend. Her mother worked as a police officer and sparked Sanuka’s passion to join the force. She dreamed of becoming a police officer in order to do more than the average civilian. As a child, her mother would sit Sanuka on her lap and share stories from her job. These stories ranged from a silly joke her coworker made to stopping a robbery at a store. Despite her mother going into horrific detail when it came to some cases, Sanuka was not bothered in the slightest, and listened to her mother’s heroic actions intently. When Sanuka was young, estimated to be around six, she watched a sudden news report with her father stating a police operation had gone south. Fearing the worst, her father instructed Sanuka to move to another room. Sanuka, however, heard the report and learned the operation ended in the death of several officers, one being her mother. The first bullet was said to hit her leg, causing her to fall to the ground. The following bullets penetrated her abdomen, one hitting her head, and ending her life on sight. Following the death of her mother, life in Japan slowly declined. Her father received low payment at his job, which he eventually lost entirely. At the age of 15, her and her father moved to Seoul in hopes of a better life. Sanuka actively works to become a great officer like her mother, helping out her neighbors whenever she can.

A female measuring 5'7 feet and weighing 143.3 pounds, she would have sleek blue dyed hair with a white streak at the front end of the hair. She would wear some sort of suit with a blue bow tie on top. She would have a scent of orchids, her eyes would make two different colors, a green one on the left eye and a blue one on the right.

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