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Mizukis adult application

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IGN: Mizuki_78
RPNAME: Mizuki Itadori
AGE: 22
CHARACTER BACKSTORY AND DESCRIPTION: Mizuki Itadori was born in Japan as the youngest of three kids to her mother Asuna Itadori and her father Haru Itadori. Very early on in her life, her father disappeared under mysterious circumstances; which made life difficult for her- as her mother was involved with drug abuse and illegal gambling, often causing Mizuki to be forced to care for herself and her twin brothers. When Mizuki turned 13, her mother; Asuna unfortunately passed away from a drug overdose, leaving Mizuki under a lot of pressure to care for her siblings; as they saw her as the only thing they had close to a mother. Growing up, her best friend Takida was also Involved in many illegal activities as his father was the leader of a gang; until one day he ultimately disappeared. Soon after his disappearance she discovered Takida had followed his father to Korea and was infuriated, feeling abandoned. The moment she turned 18 she thought it’d be best to move to Seoul, Korea to find her long lost childhood best friend. She also believed it offered more opportunities for her to become someone she could be proud of after having such a rough start in life. Her brothers did not follow and so she went on to Korea, having lived there for the past 4 years still in search of a new life and her best friend.

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