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CHUPAPIRP's Police Application


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Discord: NIK0#6382

Age(not required): 16


Why do you want to join the police force? (50 words or more): I would Love to join the Police force for the Experience of being a part of the Authority. I personally would love to be a part of the Police force cause I have never experienced that side of RP so It would be new and sound fun! I had a person recommend that I join and try so I took his words for it!


What can you bring to the police force? (50 words or more):  I Can bring constant activity since I am online on a day to day basis, But this might change for this week only because I have exams , Once they are over I'm online all day! I can also bring good RP and DetailRP. I know It may not seem important but This could really show how good I am in different situations!


Do you have any past experience in this field?: I do not have any experience In the field but that's why I'm applying! I would love to learn from others and See what its like on this side of the field!


Do you have a Microphone?:  Yes I do and use it all the time.


Do you know that your rank can be taken off you at any moment?: I understand this all and find it completely fair!


Why should we accept you over the other applicants?: You should accept me over other applicants because I offer amazing RP possibility's  and I offer daily activity! If I'm ever needed I can get on right away without any problems!




Characters Name: Shion H. Hideyoshi


Age: 18 (26 If accepted)


Why do you want to be apart of the force?(50 or more words): I would like to be a part of the Police force because As a child I dreamt of being a Officer and enforcing the law.. I know it may sound a bit whack and cringe but I'm telling the truth. I would also like to be a part of the Police force cause I would love to see the other end of the town what I mean by that is, I would like to see how the Police force operates and To see how it works in general!


Characters backstory (100 words or more): Shion was the youngest of 3 siblings , and he grew up in a cramped apartment with his family. Criminals swarmed the little lanes and streets of Milan , where he lived was along the north part of Milan . Their parents were rarely at home, as they were always working to make enough money to pay the rent. The boy's parents were getting irritated because he hadn't arrived home one night. Shion then decided to leave the flat to find his siblings, He followed his siblings, but it was difficult not to get lost in the dead of night and the dimly illuminated streets of Milan . The Siblings took a chance and rushed out of the apartment, into a short alleyway clogged with boxes and trash, when they came upon a gang of thugs. males who are old and inebriated The guys enraged them, so they pursued them. Shion  and his siblings had become lost in the peaceful dark streets after jogging for countless minutes. Shion became scared and bolted along the main street, trailed by his siblings. 


What does your character specialise in?:  He specialises In keeping a close eye on certain people and doesn't lose people easily. He has good aim and generally can maintain order.


Do you have any questions?: Nope!

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Congratulations on being accepted into the Seoul Police Department!
Please being bradley !#6358 in the Government discord to receive your roles.

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Bradley | @fwlust
Staff Manager


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