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GN: CouldBeDumpster

RPNAME: Kai Yokuna

AGE: 23


 Kai Yokuna was born in Tokyo, Japan. His mother was Filipino and his father was Japanese. When he was around 3 years old his mother became pregnant with twin baby girls, Miko and Kinoko. Once the twins were born his father became more strict with Kai and started to abuse him. He would say "Once I'm gone you're the man of the house. Start acting like it". Kai figured out when he was 6 that his father was a serial killer and that his mother was too scared to leave him. At the age of 12 he figured out that he was attracted to boys, when his father found out he trapped him in a burning hot room with several men who would torture him. He was locked in there for 5 weeks until he finally lied and admitted he was straight.The trauma of physical abuse, being locked in rooms, and water boarded made Kai psychotic. At the age of 18, Kai was attacked by an old friend who cut out his left eye. The eyeball was damaged beyond repair, taken by the male as a token. The reason for attack was unknown.


Kai is a 6’2 male, with a strong, slick build. He has short Brown hair. His left eye would have a large whole were the eyeball would normally be. Underneath the eye would be a large scar going down on his cheek that would never heal. His right eye was a soft light blue.Along his body would be several large and small scars that were years old. Kai is normally found in formal clothing or casual clothes, as he gives off a gentlemen like vibe whenever he is not engaged in drama.

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