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Fourbros Paramedic Application


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OOC Information

IGN: fourbros

DIscord: fourbros#8324

Age:  16

Timezone: CST

Do you have a microphone? Does it work? I do have a mic.

Any previous bans/warns? If so, list them: none

Describe your activity within the server and forums? 7/10 

Any previous applications? if so, list them: None

What role are you applying for?  Paramedic

What motivates you to join the Hospital in BerlinRP?  So I can help anyone who needs help, to ease their pain and save their lives. I have always been interested in hospital RP and learn how the hospital RP works here.

What makes us think you are different compared to the other applicants? I think I'm different from other applications due to doing what it takes to succeed in the role. along with being easy to work with. I understand the human side of medicine is important, treat the person with kindness and with feelings instead of focusing on treating the person when you should do both. 

IC Information

Character’s Name: Judah Theodore Hunluan

Age (25+): was 18 now [If apply success I hope he can be 27]

Current Occupation: Fresh out of college

Nationality: America/United States

Academic Degree:  5 out of 10

Major(s): (Max. 3)  Biology, Physiology 

Minor(s): (Max. 2)  Algebra,  Anatomy

Languages Spoken: Korean/English 

Backstory: (Min. 100 words)  Judah Theodore Hunluan is a child born in the Hunluan family in the United States. He has purple/blueish eyes. He grew up with 3 other brothers and his parents. His parents taught him many things such as sewing and cooking. They also taught him many important life values, such as to be open and accepting along with helping anyone who needs aid. To respect others and treat them kindly along with being kind and polite. At the age 10 He was distant with his brothers the three others always stuck together leaving him out. Judah started to read many books and found one on medicine which grew his fascination on medicine. During his free time he would always read about every book he could find on medicine and all the different kind of procedures and all.
     When he was 14 his father had a triple bypass surgery which shocked Judah driving him to learn even more about medicine. After his father`s surgery he had decided to go to college and work on becoming a
paramedic. When he was 19 he was accepted to the community college in his city. He majored in Biology and Physiology and minored in Algebra and Anatomy. He took a class on CPR as to be prepared just in case. During lunch one day he was eating with his friends and his best friend started to have trouble breathing, and minutes later stopped responding causing Judah to jump into action, checking his pulse and started CPR while others called for 911. He managed to resuscitate his best friend, five minutes later the paramedics arrived to check on his bestie. The paramedics loaded him up and took him to the hospital to be checked on. Judah jumped in the ambulance to go with his best friend and talked to the paramedics. They where surprised that Judah knew CPR and advised him he should be a paramedic. When he was 21 Judah graduated He went on many trips around the United States to learn and understand how paramedics work. When he was 23 took a trip to Japan looking at how the Japanese paramedics to their work. learning a lot he was advised to go Seoul to learn even more from the Korean paramedics.  

Extra Notes: I still have a lot to learn, I hope if I get accepted I can learn even more from others.

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- Please make sure to ask in #help in the Government Discord, and ping me.

- There's a strict policy of natural colour hair tone so please do follow.

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