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Rules & Information

Read all of the rules carefully. Claiming ignorance of these rules is not an excuse to break them, it is your responsibility to keep yourself updated with our rules as they may suddenly change at any moment during development.






OOC - (out-of-character): This is the name of the server's global chat, which is utilized for non-roleplay discussion.

IC - (in-character): This refers to any actions, words, or motions performed as your roleplay character.

LOOC - (local out-of-character): This is a chat that allows you to communicate on the server without using your character. Unlike OOC, LOOC isn't global and only people around you can see it.

Metagaming - The exchange and disclosure of in-character information through any out-of-character communication in order to obtain an advantage in a roleplay situation. 

Powergaming - is the act of imposing your actions on another player without regard for the fighting rules. This can also be used to control another character's actions.

Godmoding - This is the act of your character having superhuman strength, evading every single attack, or possessing supernatural powers that humans are not meant to have.

FailRP - Anything that is unrealistic and unattainable might be characterized as FailRP. This might also be considered when bringing specific principles into roleplay from OOC.

NVL - (Not Valuing Life) Not realistically fearing for your life when you are threatened with weapons or severe harm from other means.

  • Having non-spontaneous shoot outs at PD or hospital
  • Antagonizing gangs/police or armed individuals for no character reason.
  • inserting themselves into ongoing situations or shootouts, between two groups or one group and the police.

AvoidRP - The act of avoiding a roleplay situation by running without an action whilst in range (within 3 blocks), remaining in a safe zone, or logging off.

Safezone - A designated area where you are not permitted to use weapons, kidnap, take hostages or escalate any issue further then physical.

FearRP - The act of accurately roleplaying potential consequences or interactions your characters may have that could have a negative outcome (e.g. death, arrest, or suspension).

RDM - (Random Deathmatch): The act of attacking someone at random without following proper escalation or other valid confirmation in combat rules.

ERP - (Erotic Roleplay): Participating in an explicit roleplay. Nudity or detailing disturbing acts can be considered Erotic Roleplay.

Void - Forcing an IC scenario to cease to exist. This is only possible if a rule is broken and all concerned parties agree.

F2B - (Fade to Black): Skipping roleplay is referred to as fading to black. If no one wants to entirely roleplay a situation, this can be done to save time. This is only achievable if all concerned parties agree.

Gangs - A group of people who engage in illegal activity (this includes people who are related to each other).

NLR - (New Life Rule) If you are NLR'd then you will forget how you "died" but keep all previous memories your character has.

CK - (Character Kill) The act of permanently killing a character. 

P2L - (Play To Lose): This is the most prevalent way for players on the server to participate in combat roleplay. During P2L, all parties agree to fight without using the roll method, towards either a predefined ending or something that all parties may agree on. Fights must stay realistic and entertaining for both parties. 




1.0 - All community members must be respectful of one another, both on the server and in third-party communications such as Discord servers or direct messages. Racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, antisemitism, ableism, and other forms of oppression, as well as harassment, will not be permitted. 

1.1 - Any judgments made by HimeraRP staff members are to be respected and regarded as final. 

  • 1.1a - You cannot avoid confrontation with staff members by logging out or using any other method.
  • 1.1b - It is not permitted to approach different staff members in order to obtain a different response to specific situations. If you believe a staff member handled a matter incorrectly, contact a Senior-Admin+. 

1.2 - Loop-holing rules is not allowed. 

1.3 - Do not lie to staff members or other players in any way that is not in character, including creating false reports.

1.4 - Do not promote any other servers, roleplay or otherwise, within the server or community's associated servers.

1.5 - When using IC, OOC, and LOOC chats, players must type in English. 

1.6 - Do not engage in any extremist or oppressive behavior in-character. 

1.7 - Players are not permitted to disclose personal information or dox another player's information. 

  • 1.7a - If you are associated with a player who is threatening your information or harassing you using a third-party messaging service, block and report their account on that site. 

1.8 - All players, regardless of circumstance, are required to notify rule-breakers. Failure to do so may result in punishment.



2.0 - Do not use alternate accounts or VPNs to bypass or escape punishments/bans.

  • 2.0a - Using alternative accounts on the server to obtain an advantage is not permitted (e.g. you may not roleplay with yourself to gain information that your character would otherwise not know)

2.1 - "FailRP," or the act of failing to roleplay genuinely or properly, is not permitted on the server (eg. powergaming or godmodding).

  • 2.1a - Do not return to a roleplay scenario within ten OOC minutes of your character being severely assaulted/killed.

2.2 - You are not permitted to use hacks or exploits on the server.

  • 2.2a - Clients to improve your gaming experience are permitted as long as they do not provide you an advantage (e.g. using a minimap is not allowed).

2.3 - You are not permitted to attempt to sell in-game things through any means other than in-character.

2.4 - Your skin must be suitable and adhere to the Player Conduct guidelines.

2.5 - All commands must be used for their intended function in-game (OOC cannot be used for roleplay, and IC commands cannot be used for OOC purposes).

  • 2.5a - Players can only hear through a wall if someone on the other side is screaming.

2.6 - Any in-game property (home, apartment, tower, etc.) must be realistic to the server and roleplay. Furthermore, the builds must be suitable and contain no content that violates the Player Conduct Guidelines.

  • 2.6a - Administrators will disown a property only if the owner has been absent for 30 days.
  • 2.6b - It is prohibited to block signs in order to hinder people from purchasing a property. 
  • 2.6c - You cannot hide chests in inaccessible locations where you have to break blocks (floors, walls, etc.).

2.7 - Stalling situations on purpose is a punishable violation. Only staff members have the ability to pause roleplay in order to resolve an OOC issue. If you have a problem with roleplay, sort it out after the situation. (If something urgent happens such as a player crashes you may pause a situation)  




3.0 - Unless otherwise authorized, all characters must be human with two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two ears, and no extra limbs.

  • 3.0a - Characters cannot be shorter than 4'0" (122cm) or taller than 6'5" (195cm) without proper approval.
  • 3.0b - Characters must have a skin tone that is already present in the human race, this does not limit people to body paint if specified IRP.
  • 3.0c - Characters must be from a real, existent country in the real world (cannot be from a made-up country or different planet).
  • 3.0d - Any skins that appear implausible (such as alien beings) are to be used as costumes or cosplay in-roleplay.
  • 3.0e - Skin's may only contain 1 face covering/mask without the use of an actual mask/hat in the server

3.1 - It is strongly recommended that your character description simply include physical characteristics of your character, although you are free to provide as much information as you want.

3.2 - Your RPName (/rpname) must include your first and last name (e.g. Bill Benson). It cannot be only a nickname and must include your character's entire name.

  • 3.2a - Unless the name is widespread or widely unknown, your character's name cannot be the same as that of a real or fictional person (eg. Miley Cyrus). 
  • 3.2b - Your RPName / character name cannot be offensive.
  • 3.2c - Your character cannot be a member of more than two families, and their surnames must be properly specified in the RPName.

3.3 - In character, the age of majority (adult) on the server is 20 and above.

  • 3.3a - No character over the age of 25 can be in a relationship with a character under the age of 23.
  • 3.3b - Characters under the age of 22 cannot be in a relationship with any other character if the age difference is larger than three years.
  • 3.3c - On the server, in roleplay, the age of consent is 17 years old.




4.0 - Do not engage in metagaming. This is the act of utilizing out-of-character knowledge to your advantage in-character, despite the fact that your character is unaware of these details. Questions like "can you meet me at spawn?" or "where is everyone roleplaying?" are not considered metagaming.

4.1 - Do not use emoticons in-character; the sole exception is while using the in-game phone texting feature (/text).

4.2 - You are not permitted to engage in erotic roleplay. NSFW activities or descriptions of naturally sexual actions are against the rules and can result in severe punishment.

  • 4.2a - Erotic roleplay includes "erotic literature," which means you can't put anything NSFW in the in-game Book and Quills / Signs.
  • 4.2b - Do not use your character to reference/mention/act on any sensitive content, such as necrophilia, pedophilia, beastiality, sexual assault/harassment/rape, or significant gore (heavily detailed violence that is discomforting).
  • 4.2c - In terms of delicate content, do not include any roleplay involving overdosing, suicide, or self-harm around people that are uncomfortable with that content. (NOTE: make sure that you are in private or ask people around you if they are ok with you roleplaying sensitive topics) 

4.3a - If your character is recording something, whether video or audio, the phone must be out at all times. You also must perform an action that initiates the recording and take screenshots during the session.

4.4 - You may not avoid roleplay interactions, generally known as AvoidRP (FailRP). Avoiding roleplay includes logging off to prevent consequences, refusing to log in if another person has escalation/permissions on your character, or using a different character to avoid escalation/permissions.

  • 4.4a - Expulsion, suspension, detention, arrests, detaining, and manhunting are all examples of interactions that you cannot log out of. More information on the length of time you must be online after committing a crime may be found in the Criminal Roleplay section, which is section 5.

4.5 - You must roleplay the potential consequences or interactions your characters will have in a realistic manner. On the server, this is commonly referred to as FearRP. Your character should be afraid of specific negative consequences in scenarios.

  • 4.5a - Examples of FearRP related to crime include being afraid of weapons (including Police weapons), roleplaying realistically in the presence of several gang members (armed or unarmed), obeying HPD/EMS when they give directions, and acting appropriately in government buildings.
  • 4.5b - FearRP is a broad term that may not apply to all roleplay scenarios, which means that it is normally up to the persons roleplaying to do so realistically. Staff members are able to make any decision regarding FearRP as long as they follow the rules outlined above and are practical.

4.6 - Voiding is only permissible if a rule is broken. Staff members also have the right to override a majority vote.

  • 4.6a - In terms of a majority vote, if a majority of a group decides to void a scenario for a valid reason, such as a rule violation or other OOC grounds, the scenario is voided.
  • 4.6b - Even if an action or situation is voided, you still may be punished.
  • 4.6c - Certain actions can be faded to black (F2B).

4.7 - Do not apply all real-world rules to the roleplay universe. The server is set in a 1:4 scale of real life time meaning the roleplay universe is 4 years ahead of real time.





5.0 - Escalation occurs as a result of a series of circumstances and stages that allow you to do different things to the person you're engaging with. Each stage is designated with a number to assist you in identifying each stage. Here are some scenarios that should be played out utilizing this approach. This method is not conventional and most likely different from what you're used to, this way of crime is to prevent "baiting", now, if you do not want your character to be hurt, they wont.

5.0a - Street Conflict:
1) Verbal/Light Physical (Pushing/Shoving or insults, and anyone can start)

2) Physical (Punching / KO, If both players initiated in Stage 1, anyone can begin)
3) Threat (The victim can only make a threat and escalate if the threat is disregarded).
4) Weapons (Anyone can start after the threat phase; you can use weapons but may not permanently damage a character)
5) Murder (To murder, they must have attempted/have done major physical damage to your character; only the recipient of the damage can start. This stage allows you to permanently damage a character or character kill them) 
(Damaged major arteries, bullet holes, and gaping holes are examples of serious physical injury.)



5.0a - Street Conflict Scenario
Player A (John Doe) - Player B  (Jane Doe)

*John Doe approaches Jane Doe and shoves her, Jane Doe in retaliation pushes John Doe back. [STAGE 1]
*John Doe gets angry and punches Jane Doe [STAGE 2]
*Since Jane Doe was the one that was punched first, she is the victim, Jane Doe says "Stop punching me or I'll stab you" [STAGE 3]
*John Doe continues to punch Jane Doe, Jane Doe follows through with her threat and takes out a knife, attempting to stab John Doe [STAGE 4]
*John Doe takes out a knife as well, and tries to kill Jane Doe [STAGE 5]

This allows for people who are not interested in participating with crime to never be baited into having their characters ruined, or worse. Normally perms are used but the flaw in this is that you cannot participate in combat whatsoever. Its not realistic to allow your character to be insulted, shoved, etc without wanting to do something in return. And its not realistic to have your eye removed for simply fighting someone. That is the issue that escalation solves.

  • 5.0b - Police conflict - With police conflict you are able to NLR any cop for any realistic reason, you cannot kill police officers without a valid roleplay reason + staff approval. Police are also only allowed to NLR unless there was a valid reason to fully character kill someone (e.g. someone attempting to character kill an officer).
  • 5.0c - When using a gun you must make an action to kill when fully killing off a character if valid permission was obtained, otherwise it will be counted as NLR. 
  • 5.0d - Escalation lasts 4 days, If you do not complete all of the phases of escalation and quit the fight, you can re-enter the combat within 4 days and pick up where you left off.
  • 5.0e - You are permitted to appropriately defend yourself in a realistic manner in order to end a situation; however, you are not permitted to do anything more than is necessary to protect yourself, and you cannot cause permanent damage or kill a character unless they are trying to character kill you. An example being someone tries to stab you so you stab them back to get away.
  • 5.0f - You are not permitted to kidnap a character unless they have done major physical damage to your character or you receive explicit staff approval.
  • 5.0g - If you have permission to kill, you can break into their hiding location or kidnap them (NOTE: you are not allowed to break into government buildings unless approved by a Senior-Admin+).
  • 5.0h - You will also have any escalation that your gang members or family have if you witnessed the situation. 

5.1 - To completely kill a player via methods other than the Rules of Escalation, you must first explain your reasoning to staff and gain their approval, or gain OOC consent from the player. The same holds true for kidnapping, permanently damaging characters, and robbing apartments.

  • 5.1a - All approved perms by staff last for one week.

5.2 - If you want to rob someone, you should do it in a realistic setting. You're not going to rob someone in front of a crowd and CCTV; that's not practical, it must be in a disclosed area. 

  • 5.2a - You can rob someone of anything in their inventory, however you are limited to taking one item or (2,000) from a player and can only rob two individuals per hour.
  • 5.2b - If you are being robbed by force and the attackers do not have any lethal weapons, you automatically go to Stage 2 of escalation (Physical)
  • 5.2c - If you are robbed with a lethal weapon, you automatically advance to Stage 4 (Weapons) of the escalation process; If you do not have a lethal weapon, you must fear the robber and will not attack him realistically.
  • 5.2d - You must do an action to pat someone down followed by them doing a /it on what they have on them. (Lying about what you have will result in punishment)
  • 5.2e - You may NOT rob someone's custom item unless it was a weapon used against you. You may also NOT rob guns, bags, or any Faction equipment unless specified in weapon profiles or given staff approval.
  • 5.2f No matter where you are, you're allowed to mug someone's weapon within a week if you are involved in the fight.
  • 5.2g - You cannot rob a Black Market Dealer trying to sell.


5.3 - Players must fight in either a party-based or a player-based combat system if rolling (Rolling amounts are found below). Party-based fighting is ONE /me per party, whereas player-based combat is ONE /me per person in a set order. If not specified otherwise, combat will always be party-based. You can also ask someone if they wish to P2L, refer definitions to understand P2L.



13-15 Years Old: /roll 75
16-17 Years Old: /roll 100
18-49 Years Old: /roll 150
50-69 Years Old: /roll 100
70-100 Years Old: /roll 50

Police Officers: /roll 200

5.4 - If you make a clear demand with a clear consequence to someone and they do not listen, you can follow through on your threat. You may not, however, permanently harm or kill a character unless valid permission was obtained. You must also have a realistic motive for threatening them, you’re not going to stab someone over minor insults / light physical interaction. (Abusing this such as "Drop all your items or die" is not permitted.)

  • 5.4a - If someone threatens to use a sharp weapon / gun on you, you automatically go to Stage 4 of the Street Escalation process, and can engage in weapon conflict with the assailant. 
  • 5.4b - You may not threaten EMS doing their job unless they are helping someone you have active character kill permissions on. (EMS cannot directly interfere with ongoing crime scenarios)

5.5 - If you are stabbed once in a lethal area a bleedout timer of 10 OOC minutes will start. If the attackers didn't follow proper escalation or don't have approved kill permission and your timer runs out, you will forget how you died (NLR) but will still keep your character.

  • 5.5a - If you are stabbed twice in a lethal area, you must /sit. You will, in all probability, be out of fighting power.
  • 5.5b - If you are knocked out, you will be unconscious for 5 OOC minutes.
  • 5.5c - If someone witnesses a crime you are able to NLR them.
  • 5.5d - If you're downed by a gun or stabbed twice from a lethal weapon, you're downed for the rest of the scenario; on-going scenarios stay on-going however, if you're downed and revived (via EMS or brought to Criminal EMS) you're not to re-engage in the on-going (original) scenario. 

5.6 - For approaching players from the back, you must action and roll; this also applies to players from the front and sides, but only if they hold a weapon that outranges yours.

  • 5.6a - If other players are within range of you (within 3 blocks), you must action and roll before drawing weapons.

5.7 - If your character has been physically damaged, you must include the extent of the injury in your RP Description (for example, "She'd have a left prosthetic eye.")

5.8 - It is against the rules to create throwaway characters, or characters who have no motivation other than to commit crimes irresponsibly with no roleplay behind them.

5.9 - Staff reserve the right to blacklist any player from CrimeRP/GangRP if they believe they are not roleplaying realistically or appropriately, or if they are being a general annoyance to CrimeRP/GangRP.

  • 5.9a - If you are blacklisted you are not permitted to engage in any GangRP / CrimeRP.

5.10 - It is against the rules to bait other players into giving you permissions. Baiting is simply attempting to obtain permissions from someone with an OOC motivation, or attacking new players on purpose. An example being, starting a fight with no motive other than to escalate the situation on the other player to kill them.

5.11 - If you are arrested or killed, you are not allowed to engage in GangRP with the same criminal group for 2 OOC days. Gangs and crime families are examples of this.

  • 5.11a - You are limited to one character in the same gang or crime family. 
  • 5.11b - If you commit a crime or are being pursued, you must stay online for at least one hour in the same skin.
  • 5.11c - If a gang leader is to die the gang will be disbanded.
  • 5.11d - If you find someone is insiding on your gang ICly, you gain permission to kill their character.

5.12 - You may not escape jail without staff permission.

5.13 - You may not engage in illegal / major roleplay inside safe zones. 

  • 5.13a - It is prohibited to camp outside the hospital to prevent someone from entering.
  • 5.13b - You are not permitted to escalate any issue over the level of physical inside safezones.
  • 5.13c - During combat, you may not enter a safezone until you lose the attackers.

5.14 - If a player informs the cops about a crime or publicizes a crime you committed that wasn't already public and can lead to arrests, it escalates to murder on that character(s). (you must have found out through IC means) This does not apply if someone is doing their job.

  • 5.14a - If someone has a phone or camera out and can see you committing a crime you are permitted to steal or destroy the item(s).
  • 5.14b - If someone is in possession of something incriminating to you then you are permitted to stealing or destroying the item(s) (This includes photos, recordings, and written statements)

5.15 - If a player sets a "hit" on you, you gain the same escalation that the hitman(s) and the player who set the hit have on you.

  • 5.15a - If you resell any black market items and any dealer finds out they are permitted to character kill that character
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