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Spanish application

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IGN(In Game Name): m0neyhorny (Dolores Kubo)

What Language are you applying for?: Spanish

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters): Dolores didn't talk much as a young child. Well, more like at all. Being abandoned to a nun covenant at only a month old, she was raised to believe she should be quiet and speak when spoken to. The woman, a lower leveled nun in the sisterhood, who raised Dolores spoke a lot though. However, Dolores noticed that she didn't talk like the other Spanish nuns around them. She spoke Italian. As toddler Dolores watched her caretaker work she always heard the songs she sang. The italian hymns she hummed as she cooked, cleaned, washed, and prayed. The woman was not at all fluent in Spanish. Dolores' first word was in Italian due to this. And her second and third and so on. As Dolores got older she did not stray from that sanction of the church. The italian speaking sanction. She sang the same songs and hummed the same hymns as the italian nuns and other orphan girls around her. Dolores' first interaction with the Spanish language was a tough one. She was aged 9. The girl needed to write a speech dedicated to how and why she wanted to serve the Catholic lord that the nuns worshipped until death. This writing and performance of the speech was a big milestone for Dolores to progress in the church. The older women around her told Dolores of how they did struggled immensely with learning Spanish and the proper pronunciations and grammar of the language so they had been stuck in this phase of their nunhood. This put a lot of weight on Dolores' shoulders. The pressure to preform correctly felt immense. The girl began studying the Spanish language. Day and night, hour by hour. She felt as though she wasn't a little girl anymore as her playtime dwindled and her studies of the language became a top priority. Her caretaker studied with her. Well, Dolores remembers it more like her instilling the language into her. She was afraid to mess up in fear of having to kneel on rice write the words until bedtime. By the next seasonal change, the speech was to her like the pledge of allegiance is to an American. She mumbled it like a song. No, like the ten commandments. Those italian songs seemed like a waste of time and foolish now. The time of the speech was coming. However, Dolores really only knew how to introduce herself and present the speech in Spanish. The girl still wasn't fluent and she found herself on her knees of the little italian sanction praying to her lord to make her magically learn Spanish. It didn't happen of course, however the speech went off like a hitch and Dolores was being transferred to a new church and a new sisterhood in a much bigger Spanish city. As much as she thought her old caretaker was hard on her, this new nun was even harsher. All Dolores did was pray and study pray and study pray and study. It seemed the woman had some unseated xenophobia against Italians, often telling Dolores off and punishing her for speaking the Italian language in place of the native Spanish one. Dolores tried her best, but Spanish was just not her calling. She could understand it, yes, but speaking it... Not so much. It would be another three years, her 12th birthday, that Dolores was finally fluent in Spanish and able to continue propelling in the network of nun sisterhood in Spain.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: This benefits roleplaying as Dolores because she is an immigrant from Spain, so it would only make sense for her to be fluent in the native language of that country. In addition, Dolores is Catholic and there is a lot of base in that religion in Spain and the spanish language. Dolores still struggles with the Korean language, so it would be interesting in roleplay for her to speak Spanish when experiencing strong emotions or when she is unable to describe something in Korean. Also, her household with her husband is multi-cultural as he is Korean and she is Afro-spaniard it would explain why their children are fluent in the language. In the future possibily I would like my character to be a cultural teacher or maybe a Spanish Foreign language teacher, so she would have to be fluent in Spanish to do so.

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Now this application, is one of the best I have reviewed yet. It is detailed perfectly on the flaws that Dolores endured while she was learning Spanish. So therefore this application is accepted.

DM any admin or above for your language.

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