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Spanish Application

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IGN(In Game Name): CouldBeDumpster

What Language are you applying for?: Spanish

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters): 

When Kai moved to america at the age of 16, he traveled through south California in the small Spanish towns. Surrounded by people who could barely understand English and could not speak a word of Japanese, he went to take small classes inside and outside of school to better understand his peers. For a short period of time he worked in a gift shop where his manager would also teach him how to answer customer questions. Some of his friends from classes would help him learn how to ask for things such as directions, food, where the nearest bathroom was, any practical thing he may or may not need. He was able to start picking up on things when he would walk around the towns, understanding small bits and phrases after only a couple months of living there. Kai became comfortable living there after he became fluent in the language. . The language became a breeze for him.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: This will help my characters role play by enhancing his backstory as well as enhancing his lore with other characters. Kai is known to be a flirtatious and somewhat confusing character, when he goes back and forth between languages he is able to speak with multiple others at once about different topics. Confusing only the party that cant speak the certain language

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