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Mr_Mow Spanish application

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 IGN(In Game Name): Mr_Mow

What Language are you applying for?: Spanish How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters): (153 words) Babo Kubo was one of two twins, Babo and Bong-Cha Kubo. From a young age Babo was expected to learn Korean and Spanish which is a lot to ask of a young child, or at least it would be if you weren't constantly pushing the child to learn.

Since Babo was forced to learn Spanish and Korean from the day he could talk he took to it pretty fast but still had trouble learning Spanish since he had really taken to Korean instead for some reason his sister on the other hand had taken to Spanish more instead of Korean so using both their skills combined they practiced together until they both knew each others language. They were forced for 3 hours a day to practice Spanish and Korean. Bong of course (being the superior daughter) learned both languages before Babo so in the end Babo was learning and getting help from Bong.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: Since this character is a part of the Kubo family (A mexican korean family with everyone else in the family speaking spanish) it would only make sense for

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Application wasn't up to part for what I am looking for. I want to see the struggles in detail of what Babo went through while attempting to learn spanish. 

Regardless, thank you for your application.

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