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Gang Name: Tenjiku

Gand Lead IGN & Discord: scorpy <3#1277

Gang Description: Tenjiku is a Japaneses Delinquent Bosozuku martial arts group filled with violent and dangerous criminals known throughout Tokyo that's lead by none other than Akuma Kataguri(scorpy <3). Tenjiku is original but the way it's set up and the name is based off of the Red attired gang from the famous anime/manga series, Tokyo Revengers. We take the weak and turn them into something powerful, we treat our members like family and don't let anyone step in our way and we always go by this motto "No matter how strong, how weak, how big, how small, you hurt one of ours we hurt one of yours, you kill one of ours and we kill all of yours." we don't play when it comes to our members. Tenjiku only has one main goal to accomplish and thats to become the biggest, feared, respected, and known gang throughout all of Korea.

Gang Discord Perma Link: https://discord.gg/ZRwkv4fMqE

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