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m0neyhungry's Language Application

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IGN(In Game Name):


What Language are you applying for?:


How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters):

Bong-cha Kubo was one of two twins, Babo and Bong-cha. From a young age both Bong-cha and Babo were expected to learn both Korean and Spanish. Growing up in a bilingual house hold made this necessary. Their mother was from Spain while their father from North Korea.  Growing up in South Korea didn't give the twins much opportunity to practice their Spanish, but with their mothers stubborn will for them to know her native language they had to do what they could. Along with their homework they would add in extra time to focus on learning Spanish whether is be practicing their writing or simply learning new vocabulary and using it in conversations.  While at home they would learn words from their mother and practice small conversations with her. Taking their skills to a higher level they would begin speaking with their siblings in Spanish. Whenever they were at home that would be the language they would choose to use to keep their knowledge of it alive. During school hours Bong-cha and Babo would try to limit their speech to each other to only Spanish. They sort of thought of it as a game or like speaking to each other in code so others wouldn't understand. Learning it became fun to the two because they enjoyed the confused faces of others as they spoke. Though this was fun and Bong-cha enjoyed messing with the other kids she also got some weird comments thrown at her and weird stares. Sometimes kids would go as far as calling her and her brothers names and laughing at them for speaking so weirdly. Becoming so fluent at a young age and around their mother they had developed an accent when they spoke Korean and because of this both of them were considered outcasts. This took a toll on Bong-cha. She was one to always want to fit in. She had to have everything perfect whether it be with her looks or how she did certain tasks. Eventually Bong-cha stopped speaking Spanish all together and when her mother or siblings would speak it to her she would get upset and yell at them to speak to her normally. She hated the fact that this language and the culture behind it had to be apart of her. She would find herself getting frustrated with her family as she got older and eventually distancing herself from them. Her twin brother Babo being as dumb and naïve as he was wouldn't listen to his sisters concerns and pleads for him to stop speaking Spanish with her. He would often go up to her and speak it in front of all of her friends. Usually Bong-cha would play it off as if she didn't know who he was, but with them being twins and they're obvious mixed race looks it wasn't easily bought. Though with so many attempts at this Bong-cha soon started to realize that the kids didn't care anymore. All the tormenting she had gone through in the past all of a sudden didn't matter. As they got older everyone began to not even notice that they were able to speak another language. With this realization Bong-cha decided to pick up the language again. Because it had always been surrounding her not much had been lost after her sudden decision to not be apart of it. She began talking to her family in Spanish and of course to her brother. Over time she was able to become fluent along with her family and start to actually appreciate her culture and the language that came with it. She didn't feel ashamed anymore around other people when she spoke differently.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?:

My character Bong-cha is apart of a Spanish speaking family and so realistically she would need to be able to speak the language in order to communicate with her family in roleplay. It would be better for my character to understand the conversations her family has in this language.

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