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The CRIME-NET was founded in the twisted underworld of Himera, a metropolis apart of Tanoa's three islands. No one knew who made it, and no one bothered to question - in the dark confines of this city, privacy is a product more valuable than gold. This man, whomever he was, had a vision. A world in which the physical boundaries of criminal organizations were dissolved. A space where he may sell products without fear of being apprehended by law enforcement. As a result, CRIME-NET emerged on the dark web amidst the gritty backstreets of Himera.

Utilizing CRIME-NET, the faceless puppeteer could control the sellers across town. Sellers were told to use this site if they wanted to sell anything from drugs to firearms. This online marketplace caters to consumers all around from the enclaves of Tanoa. Despite its attempt to stay hidden, law enforcement authorities were aware of its presence. Early on, the new marketplace's brashness and poor encryption drew unwanted attention. Police cracked down on known dealers, and CRIME-NET's activities were jeopardized for a while. The entire city held its breath, waiting for the ax to fall.

However, as the Internet evolved, so did CRIME-NET. The new encryption made way for more sophisticated cryptographic algorithms, making it increasingly difficult for law enforcement to trace anything back. VPN's and cryptocurrency transactions provided a further buffer between the transactions and the possibility of detection. Even as the police ramped up their cyber-crime divisions, the criminals of Himera stayed one step ahead. CRIME-NET continues to thrive within the city, a reminder to the dark side of our digital era.

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