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Applacation for 34

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IGN: ItsLevii

RPNAME: Saku Venzo

AGE: 18 (Applying for 34)

CHARACTER BACKSTORY AND DESCRIPTION (OVER 200 WORDS) Saku venzo the 6'5 male would  have a big smile and black soft hair with some scars on his arms and  legs  Saku Venzo, The 6'5 male Saku venzo was born in russia and was half german (Currently applying for one of the two because dont got them rn </3) because his dad Morozov Yung was german  and my mom Emilia was Russian once Saku got older in his years he learnt how to speak those languages not fluently yet because at the time he was 6  The russian male He really wanted to learn german. When he was 14 And he is watching german Shows Like :"Die Chefin" He got really inspired From the amazing language. Once he was 15 he got a brother that was made by our parents the persons name was Daisuke Venzo Dai was a very nice kid and he was very loving and he was from Germany too once Saku venzo found out what he liked doing he wanted to find a job and work there full time like be a hospital worker or a Suoel Police Department. Once Saku found out that he could help the suoel Police Department without being in so he started to help them on a daily basis and he was doing pretty good once he was getting older he wanted to move on in life and then he found this place in suoel City where he will apply to join the job the 6'5 russian/german male Saku would wonder the streets being 34 Years old and living his life! There would sit a picture of Saku 




                                                                                                                                                          Have a amazing day!!



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