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EBK | Every Body Killers


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Gang Name: EBK (Every Body Killers)

Gang Lead IGN & Discord: Sheistysummer
Gangs are a cancer;' Sheriff's office arrests 9 in gang crackdown | WPEC

Gang Description: EBK, a very small yet notorious gang. Formed by two African American men, the only in Seoul in fact. 'DURK' and 'VON'; these two men were notorious for being killers, cold blooded. They had no problem with killing anyone, Police, Innocent people, Rival gangs, etc. It was no problem to them. Growing up they were surrounded by violence in ugly streets of Chicago in the US. Being around many gangs, usually running around selling drugs like any kid would be doing in Chicago back then. They moved away from there attempting to escape, but it was futile. Running from the life of crime is impossible; it always comes back to YOU. Von and Durk have always had a rough life though, so this was no problem. They started to believe that living in Korea made them soft, and they started itching to get back into the life of crime. So instead they decided to form their own gang; their own spin off of Chicago Crip gang back home, they called it EBK. EBK spends most of their time killing of course, though that is not their soul purpose. The only reason why they kill is to strike fear into the hearts of the people of Seoul, to let them TRUELY know who is on top. Not Valhalla, not Tenjiku, none of these shitty gangs no. There was no denying that EBK had the skill to do anything they want; their group was truly made up of certified killers, thugs in the streets of Seoul, Durk and Von knew that. They knew they would have no competition taking it over so thats what their mission is. To take over the small town of Seoul and let everyone know that they were here. 

          Though of course; one could truly get it wrong and think that they ONLY want to kill people for a living. The gang name is truly misleading I will agree. Diving deeper here in the backstory of Von and Durk, they both grew up in Chicago like I said. Deep in the life of crime at the young age of 13. Von and Durk met in middle school after they got into a fight. The fight was over some stupid argument that happened in gym class; though this is irrelevant, after that they somehow bonded. They hung out every day, finding several similarities like how they don't know their dads, Single mom, terrible step dad, the whole ringer. They found themselves always wondering the streets to get away from their shitty house hold. This is what brought them in the life of crime. One day a very notorious OG  in Chicago called over Von and Durk while they were walking to the city. They were very intrigued, walking over to see what the man needed. Von and durk knew who he was, it was no secret. Then he simply asked "How would you guys like to push for us?". Von and Durk were very hesitant at first though the eventually gave in knowing that it would make them some money to get out of that terrible city. So thats what they started  doing. Thats the small backstory of what their life was as they were kids. Now we're here!

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