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zrok | Shop Application

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(I am aware I am a few days late on shop applications. This can be reviewed whenever.)








 Discord [ex. Enderbubs]:






 Any Previous Bans/Warns (Minecraft Server and Discord Server):

Absolutely none.


 Describe Your Current Level Of Activity In The Server. Explain Why It May Be Higher or Lower:

Currently, the server is not available to the public. Nevertheless, I am among the numerous builders who work on the server. My dedication to HimeraRP is evident from my daily presence even before its release. With the server scheduled to launch in November, I am eagerly looking forward to participating in roleplay and being highly engaged on the platform.


 List All Past Faction Applications, And Mention If You Were Denied Or Accepted (Provide Links To Each Application):



 What Is Your Motivation Behind Applying For This Faction?:

I used to mainly roleplay as a teenager, rarely as an adult. However, I find that roleplaying as an adult and owning a shop offers more interesting and enjoyable opportunities. I have a specific store in mind that I believe would be perfect for engaging roleplay.

Link To Your Shop Discord Server (Permanent Link):



 Do You Have Access To A Microphone And The Ability To Join VCs?:



 Have You Read Through The HRP Server Rules?: 



 Do You Understand The Rules Of Being A Business Owner?:





Character Name:

Adélie Kio


 Character Age:

29 years old


 Character Gender/Pronouns:



 Describe Your Character's Personality:

Adélie was a joyful woman who found happiness in kneading dough and creating art. Due to unfortunate events, she became very close to her family and developed a kind and caring nature towards her siblings. Her cheerful disposition was infectious, as her beaming smile could brighten anyone's day, regardless of the circumstances.


 Do They Have Any Criminal Charges On Their Record?:

None at all


 What Is Your Character's Motivation Behind Opening A Shop?:

At the age of ten, her parents, especially her mother, taught their daughters skills like sewing, painting, and baking. Adélie was lucky to learn baking from her mother Eun. A crucial step in rolling out the dough was to lightly dust the rolling pin and surface to prevent sticking. Her mother always ensured the dough wouldn't stick. As a teenager, Adélie created her own stall to sell her baked goods at a low price or give them for free to homeless people. She could bake various treats like egg custard tarts, fresh baguettes, and warm glazed cinnamon rolls flawlessly. In her late twenties, she decided to take her passion for baking to the next level and opened her bakery, La Patisserie, in 2020.





What Is The Name Of Your Shop?:

La Patisserie


 What Exactly Is Your Shop (Restaurant, Convenience, Accessory, etc.):



Provide a Unique Description Of Your Shop, And Why Is Different Compared To Other Shops:

Founded by a caring baker named Adélie, she always stood out from the crowd. Her bakery became popular not only because of her delicious baked goods but also because of her kind and loving nature. Adélie always made extra batches of her most popular pastries for those in need, as she couldn't bear to see people suffer. Making their day brighter also brought joy to her own. La Patisserie is unique among other businesses because other businesses don't offer free food as an act of kindness. Her shop stands out from others because of her unique holiday decorations. She aims to create a sense of excitement for the upcoming holidays. The bakery also provides volunteering opportunities for those seeking work experience.


 Provide An Example Of Your Employee Roster, And What Each Employee Role Does In The Shop:

The owner is responsible for managing the store and purchasing inventory. Bakers work early mornings or nights to prepare pastries and desserts for the next day. The secret to delicious desserts is making them fresh daily. Workers take orders and serve customers, and the owner may fill in as a worker if needed.

Do You Already Have Workers/Employees? If So, Who Are They And What  Is Their Rank In The Shop? (Attach Their Discords and IGNs)


zrok | traviska. | Adélie Kio: Owner, baker

???: Worker

??? Worker

??? Worker 


 Provide A List Of Rules, IN-CHARACTER Or OUT-Of-Character, That Employees And Citizens Will Have To Follow In The Shop:


1. Do not involve yourself in gang-related activities or crime for obvious reasons, this is a goddamn bakery.

2. Be above the age of 16 to work at La Patisserie

  3. Do not hand out free items without permission

4. You cannot permit entry to anyone without authorization if the store is shut and an employee possesses the keys.



– 1. If you are caught participating in gang roleplay, you will be kicked off the team. However, it is permitted as long as you do not get caught in character.

2. Homophobia, transphobia, and racism are completely unacceptable.

3. No toxicity

4. Do not hand out free items without permission

5. Do not steal stock secretly for your own benefit

6. You cannot permit entry to anyone without authorization if the store is shut and an employee possesses the keys.



1. Violence is strictly prohibited in the bakery.

2. Please refrain from bothering workers at La Patisserie regarding job applications. The applications will be available when they are ready, and not before that.

3. If you are asked to leave, you will.

4. Be considerate and show kindness.




What Does Your Shop Look Like? (Interior And Exterior). Provide Photo Examples/References:



The air around La Patisserie was filled with the aroma of delicious honey-glazed sugared doughnuts. The walls of the store were painted in a soft pink colour and adorned with hanging planter baskets filled with healthy vines. Although there were only a few seating spaces inside, there were plenty of cute chairs and tables outside where customers could enjoy their food and drinks.



As you enter the bakery, you'll be greeted with a stunning display of their mouth-watering baked goods. From homemade bread to cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, and croissants, everything is laid out for you to see. The wall tiles are painted in a serene white colour, matching the peaceful ambience of the store's floor.



Plenty of windows allow light to shine through the blinds, creating a pleasant and refreshing atmosphere. Adélie, the owner, took pleasure in tending to the flowers that were frequently found around the shop, as well as caring for her family and rising dough. In the back of the bakery, a wide range of inventory and the kitchen could be found. Metal mixers were used to prepare batters for desserts, personalised cakes, and many other delicious treats. This is the place where all the magic unfolds at La Patisserie.


 What Do Your Uniforms Look Like? Provide Photo Examples/References:

This bakery doesn't have a strict uniform policy, but appropriate clothing is required for hygiene purposes. Bakers must wear uniforms to prevent germs from getting into the food. La Patisserie is a 5-star health-rated bakery that prioritises safe food preparation. Bakers wear hair nets and aprons to maintain cleanliness. Adélie's apron is an option for bakers to wear.


What Will Your Shop Sell? Provide A List And Provide Photo Examples/References:


Raspberry ripple cupcakes with pink frosting on a vanilla-based bun. Caramel drizzles down the frosting and onto the bun, adding a delicious first bite to the cupcake. More cupcake flavours will be available soon.


La Patisserie’s best seller is their iconic and unique cinnamon rolls, which are generously coated in cinnamon icing sugar. The perfect swirls in this dessert make it incredibly appetising.


Lemon zest bread is topped with icing sugar, adding a slightly zesty taste. The combination of the dough and lemon flavours creates an amazing treat.


The famous baguette is the most well-known food in France. Made fresh and homemade at the bakery, it provides people with a delightful experience. Baguettes are always a good choice.


Pain au Chocolat is a delicious pastry that perfectly combines the taste of flaky pastry with the rich flavour of milk chocolate. It is a popular and well-known dessert in France.


La Patisserie's croissant is a fan favourite due to its distinctive shape and delicious taste, making it an even more renowned pastry.


The bakery offers a variety of cake flavours for everyone to enjoy. Indulging in a sweet treat occasionally can be satisfying for your body.


A chocolate brownie with melted chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream on top is the final dessert. However, there are many more delicious treats inside for anyone to enjoy.

Provide Three Unique Events That Your Shop Can Hold:

I plan to make a scout club that is known for its delicious cookies and exciting adventures. La Patisserie can supply the club with cookies and other items to sell for charity at a stall.


Demonstrating work experience and giving a glimpse of life behind the bakery counter. Displaying careful and thorough baking techniques.


The bakery can consider supplying their baked goods for birthday parties or weddings as a unique event idea. However, the price for this service will be determined at a later time.

Additional Information On Your Shop, Character, Or Anything Else:

I acknowledge that my application is delayed, as mentioned in the beginning. It can be considered when there are available slots. I decided to submit it anyway to share my idea. Myself and Kitomine can create the customs if accepted. Thank you for your time.


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Thank you for applying to become a buisness owner! Due too your position in the server as one of our few builders, helping and putting so much effort into building the server, and overall making an outstanding application. I chose to review your application! And after reviewing your application I've chosen to accept you for business owner!

What now?

Post your application link to the help channel in the government discord server and ping @enderbubs to get your roles and to get started on becoming a business owner!

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