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Discord [ex. enderbubs]:


Time  Zone:


Any Previous Bans/Warns (Minecraft Server and Discord Server):


Describe Your Current Level Of Activity In The Server. Explain Why It May Be Higher or Lower:

Currently, I am not on the server, as it's still in beta. However, over the summer I've been looking into the server discords and watching the updates, and I've grown fond of the idea of the server. I'm able to be online for many hours a day due to my real-life commitments not requiring me to spend too much time on them. The only thing that I can think of that would lower my activity is my commitment to other online communities. However, I manage all of those quite well and I'm sure that I'll be able to manage my time properly, as I already do.

List All Past Faction Applications, And Mention If You Were Denied Or Accepted (Provide Links To Each Application):


What Is Your Motivation Behind Applying For This Faction?:

The main reason I'm applying for business owner here on HRP is so that I can have more experience in business and company management. The majority of my family are business owners in the real world, and I've wanted to follow their path from a young age. As I've grown older and now am beginning to think about my future, I want to use Minecraft, one of my main passions in this era of my life, to experience what my real-world future could be like. On separate roleplay platforms, I have run roleplay-oriented businesses, however, never a restaurant. I think it'd be quite fun to run one such as this and I would love to have the opportunity to see this come to fruition.

Link To Your Shop Discord Server (Permanent Link):


Do You Have Access To A Microphone And The Ability To Join VCs?

Yes and yes. I have a microphone that I can use to join Discord VCs during the majority of the week.

Yes, I have read through the general rules of HRP multiple times and do not intend to break them.

Do You Understand The Rules Of Being A Business Owner?:

I do understand the rules that apply to me ICly and OOCly as a business owner. I've read through all of them and they seem fairly simple to follow.


⌁˚⋆。 ˚⭒༺ ☆ ༻⭒ ˚ 。⋆˚⌁




Character Name:

Fabricious-Rein Akori Erikson-Jenson

Character Age:


Character Gender/Pronouns:

Transgender Male | He/Him

Describe Your Character's Personality:

 Fabricious is a very bubbly man, you can barely ever find him without a smile on his face. He’s extremely trusting, always wanting to see the best in people. While at times this is a benefit to his life, it can also sometimes put him in danger. However, he lets his optimism always get the best of him, and never learns from those mistakes. Fabricious is also quite addicted to love. Starved of it as a child, he’s found a peculiar love for… well, love. He seeks it wherever he can, whether it be platonic love or romantic, Fabricious is already planning on how to get it. The man is quite manipulatable, as sometimes his trust and need for love can make him clueless of his surroundings.

Do They Have Any Criminal Charges On Their Record?

No, he does not.

What Is Your Character's Motivation Behind Opening A Shop?

 Fabricious has always been obsessed with fantastical things. He’s always gone into shops and wondered what it was like to work at them. When he was old enough, he had finally landed a job at a small coffee shop. As he started working more, he started longing for something more. He wanted to be higher on the food chain. Fabricious began working as a lonely teen, preparing everything he’d need later on in life to start a shop. He came up with the idea of a fantasy shop. He was hooked. He worked on all the ideas, the math, the marketing, the areas, and the layout. Finally, when he was old enough, he had everything he needed planned to start a shop.

Please provide an image of your character:



 ⌁˚⋆。 ˚⭒༺ ☆ ༻⭒ ˚ 。⋆˚⌁




Before you begin reading, I will be completely blunt and say that I have taken many parts of this shop from the Arthur (PBS Kids! Television Show) Show’s restaurant Once Upon A Restaurant. However, the shop will be much different from the Arthur version in HRP.

What Is The Name Of Your Shop?

Once Upon a Restaurant

What Exactly Is Your Shop (Restaurant, Convenience, Accessory, etc.)


Provide a Unique Description Of Your Shop, And Why Is Different Compared To Other Shops:

Unique Description:

 Welcome to Once Upon A Restaurant, the palace of your dreams! Here, you can see so many things, such as a Princess and a Witch befriending each other, the three bears attacking Goldilocks, and so much more! If you’re interested in anything fairytale or fantasy, Once Upon A Restaurant is the place to be! We offer many services, such as food, entertainment, and nostalgia!

What Differentiates Our Shop:

The overall theme of our shop is the main difference from others. Once Upon A Restaurant focuses on a fantasy theme and entertainment, whereas many others focus on creating a calming and cozy environment. Once Upon A Restaurant attempts to always keep you on your toes, never knowing what’s going to happen next around you. Is a customer going to get turned into a frog? Are the prince and princess about to have a divorce? A child? While our workers’ main jobs are to bring the customers food, they can interact with each other as well for entertainment for the customers between accepting orders. Once Upon A Restaurant provides entertainment, in-character roleplay (a roleplay in a roleplay), and food.


Provide An Example Of Your Employee Roster, And What Each Employee Role Does In The Shop:

General Staff



These workers will be dressed up during the openings as fairytale characters such as princesses, ponies, witches, and dragons!


The owner of the shop manages the discord server, starts and announces openings, and looks over applications.

Customer Support Group-

These people will be the ones to greet customers as they enter and bring them to their seats. They’ll always either be waiting for people to show up at the front door or bringing someone to their table.


Managers of the shop help do everything the owner does when the owner is unable to do it. They’ll help with looking over applications as well.


Event Team-

The Event Team will help managers and owners with planning and coordinating events. They will not come up with event ideas, just assist in them.


Do You Already Have Workers/Employees? If So, Who Are They And What  Is Their Rank In The Shop? (Attach Their Discords and IGNs)

I do already have some employees for my shop.

moon.9050 - ORmaybeNOT - Manager (Coordination Lead)

oliverium - Oliverium - Manager (Public Relations Lead)

Provide A List Of Rules, IN-CHARACTER Or OUT-Of-Character, That Employees And Citizens Will Have To Follow In The Shop:


Customer Rules | In-Character


If you buy alcohol, drink it elsewhere.

Please, if you buy alcohol from our cafe, drink it elsewhere. It's not worth the pain and punishments you'll face if you do. Public intoxication is illegal!

Respect our workers and other customers

Respect our workers, they really do work hard for you to enjoy your experience, appreciate them, don't destroy them!

Be respectful of our shop

Use the shop how it's meant to be used, don't go into employees-only areas unless you're an employee!


Customer Rules | Out-Of-Character (Discord)


Be kind

Be kind to everyone in the server, on matter their sexual orientation, race, gender, or age.

Follow Discord ToS

Follow Discord TOS and Community Guidelines.. silly goose!


Employee Rules | In-Character


1. Respect the customers (unless you play an evil character, such as a witch or the Big Bad Wolf)

2. Don't steal from the shop.

3. Always stay in-character unless behind curtains.


Employee Rules | Out-Of-Character (Discord)


1. Use the discord bot properly; and only when necessary

2. Always submit what table you put customers in in the tables channel (Customer Support Group)

3. Always submit orders you completed in the orders channel (Waitstaff)


What Does Your Shop Look Like? (Interior And Exterior). Provide Photo Examples/References:

 For the exterior, I’d like it to look similar to the Arthur Once Upon A Restaurant, as their design is just godly.



However, I intend for the interior to look far different. Depending on the size given to me, there’ll be 3-9 different sections of the restaurant, each dedicated to a different fairytale.

1. Wicked Witches’ Lair

This area will be a dingy area filled with cobwebs, stone, cauldrons, and shelves of mysterious potions and spellbooks.


 2. Royal Dining Hall

This area will be a fancy room featuring decor such as chandeliers, pictures and paintings of past rulers, and most prominently, two long tables for people to dine at.


3. The Three Bears’ Home

This section of the shop will be a small wooden area with small tables and chairs.


And I could go on, but you get the idea. Of course, it all comes down to how much space I’m given.

What Do Your Uniforms Look Like? Provide Photo Examples/References:

There won’t be specific uniforms for all workers. Instead, for the waitstaff, there will be ten separate uniforms, each a different fairytale character.

The costumes I plan on creating are as follows:




Fairytale Correlation






The Evil Queen

Mother from Tangled

The Wicked Witches

Hocus Pocus Witches


Just a Witch

Pink Princess



Savior Complex



Sleeping Beauty

Princess #2 From Aphmau


Just a Princess


Neutral (Furry)







Just a Unicorn

Pig (x3)

Neutral (Furry)




The Three Little Pigs




Savior Complex


Wizard of Oz


Just a Wizard

Grey Wolf

Neutral (Furry)




Big Bad Wolf


Bear (x3)

Neutral (Furry)


Savior Complex


Goldilocks & The Three Bears

Girl in Red Hood





Little Red Riding Hood

Little Bo Peep





Little Bo Peep




Savior Complex


Prince Charming


Just a Prince

What Will Your Shop Sell? Provide A List And Provide Photo Examples/References:


 My shop will sell an assortment of food items. There will be some of them relating to the characters listed above, and some relating to other fairytale story elements, or just fantastical-sounding-looking foods.


Item Name

Item Description

Item Reference

Little Bo Peep’s Pot Pie

A pot pastry filled with spinach and other assorted vegetables. (possibly white and pink splotches on the outer layer of the pie to look like sheep)




The Three Little Pigs

A plate with three large pigs in a blanket on it.





Little Red Riding Hood’s Flatbread

A woven basket with an opening on the top, looking inside, there’s a piece of flatbread.




The Three Bear’s Porridge

Three small bowls of porridge, one with steam over it, one with minimal steam, and one with an ice-like covering.




The Prince’s Lobster

Just… a basic lobster. Royals are simple people.



How to Boil Lobster in 5 Easy Steps


Of course, once accepted, I will have more knowledge on what the business can sell, so there will be more things added to the list.

Provide Three Unique Events That Your Shop Can Hold:

 Royal Visit

"I didn’t think this castle was real…”

During this event, when people come to the restaurant, they’ll be greeted by many princes, princesses, maidens, and servants, and the shop will be decorated with lots of gold and iron. At the very back of the shop will be two large thrones, with a queen sitting on one and a king on the other.

The king and queen seated will be two members of the Once Upon A Restaurant Event Team. Customers of the restaurant will be allowed up to the platform with the thrones to speak with them. There will be a butler placed by the platform who will let two people at a time come and talk to the royals. Each customer will have a two-minute time limit with the king and queen before they’re kicked off the platform.


Goldilocks the Health Inspector

"Goldilocks has grown up! And she’s a health inspector now?”

During an opening, a Once Upon A Restaurant event team member will walk through the doors dressed up as Goldilocks in a detective suit. They’ll begin walking around, noting things wrong with the shop aloud (ex. Cracks in the wall, too many seats at a table, food is too cold, too hot, seats are too plentiful, too soft, too hard, etc.)

Eventually, at the end, she’ll find another Once Upon A Restaurant event team member who will be dressed up as a bear and say “I’m sorry to say, but your place here is…” She’ll pause, creating suspense. “Just right.” Goldilocks then struts out of the restaurant and the opening continues as usual.


Ask Me Anything

"Thanks for coming to my TedTalk!”

During an opening, waitstaff and Once Upon A Restaurant Event Team members will be given booths. The Three Bears waitstaff and an event team member dressed as Goldilocks will be in a booth together, the Big Bad Wolf, the Three Little Pigs, and Little Red Riding Hood will be in a booth together, etc. Customers will come to the booths and be free to ask the fairytale characters anything they wish, and the characters will do their best to respond. At each booth, the characters will be able to sell items relating ot their fairy tale (Little Bo Peep and her sheep sell Little Bo Peep Pot Pie, the three bears sell Three Bowls of Porridge, etc.). 

Tables will still be open, so customers can get their food from the booths and then go and eat.


Additional Information On Your Shop, Character, Or Anything Else:



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