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Spanish 2 (electric boogaloo)

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IGN(In Game Name): m0neyheavy

What Language are you applying for?: Spanish

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters):

Sarkisyan Tigran was never handed anything in his life. Parent less and penniless described his youth in a good sense. Having escaped North Korea was a great success, yes. However, it did not change the fact that he was an illiterate boy with dead parents wandering the streets of the unknown territory that was South Korea. The world came blasting at him in all its commercials and sitcoms and celebrities. It was like stepping into an entirely new dimension. As he had to bare this new world alone, there was no parental figure or guardian in his life to encourage academic success. His childhood was simply about money. Instead of video games or grades Sarkisyan, now under a new identity of Saburo Kubo, was focused of what he could do to keep from going hungry. Walking down the hard streets of South Korea's capital Seoul he always kept his head down. He didn't want to make eye contact with any of these people much above his social class. He didn't want to have anyone pity neither. However, most of all Saburo didn't want to look inside those store windows and see something he dearly wanted but could never have. Whether it be a mother, a father, a new toy. Regardless, one winter day he could not deny the pull he felt towards a particularly bright window. It was filled with TVs all playing the same thing. The words flowing together like a melody that had never graced his ears before. He couldn't turn away. Saburo was watching a telenovella in the Spanish language, eyes darting over the Korean subtitles. He'd stayed outside that store for longer than intended, this little bit of entertainment in his lonely days catching his attention like a fish. That foreign family speaking their foreign language and eating dinner together was all he could ever ask for. The owner of the stor seeing a possible sale in Saburo came out to do some schmoozing and sales work. However, upon further discussion with the boy he realized the kid was dirt broke, homeless, alone, and by the growl of his stomach obviously hungry. The store owner's voice rang with the same jive as the foreigners Saburo had been so enthralled to watch on the televisions. The look of pity in the man's eyes did hurt his ego, but he would be an idiot to decline the meal the store owner offered with such kindness. This interaction would shape Saburo's future for the better in ways he would've never imagined. The store owner, Julian Torez, became like the father Saburo had lost. He took him in off the streets, invited him into his family, and introduced him to his culture. The more time Saburo spent with the Torez family, who were all fluent in Spanish, the more he learned. Winter long passed into summer and into winter yet again as Saburo enhanced in speaking the Spanish language. He could watch the telenovellas he loved so much without the subtitles by now. Senor Torez as Saburo addressed him truly wanted the best for Saburo. Education he knew was exactly what he needed to make it in the country of South Korea. The problem was that Saburo was going down a terrible path. Engaging in gang activity, dealing drugs, in general a menace to society. The boy was still only verbally fluent in the two languages of Spanish and Korean. Whitlist reading the subtitles he had to rewind many times to understand them before he was verbally fluent. Julian Torez in the best hopes for Saburo sent him abroad to a school in Japan full of other ethnically diverse students that he passed off as a "business opportunity." Although stubborn once realizing he had been played, Saburo became to advance academically. He also met his now wife who is from Spain and fluent in Spanish. Once realizing her dumbass, idiot, academically challenged lover could only speak and not write the language, she began tutoring him. His previous knowledge was a big help. Flashcards, learning games, and trips to the library all helped him progress his Spanish literacy. Finally, 2 years later before graduation Saburo was fluent both verbally and literacyly. Senor Torez was extremely proud like the wholesome mentor archetype he is.


How will this benefit  role-play? 

Since Saburo Kubo is the father of four Spanish-speaking kids and the husband of a fluent speaker, this would benefit him greatly to have better bonds in the family. With the side benefit of keeping others out of conversation. I also believe this would benefit the role-play by having more communities in it. Overall, being able to speak Spanish would deeply help not just the family, but the entire server.


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