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IGN(In Game Name): Quartztism

What Language are you applying for?: Russian

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters): Akane Y. Sidorova was born into the Yua Family, hence the 'Y.' in her name. She had a lot of siblings, with her being the oldest. Due to her parents not being able to keep a job, they moved around often, the last place they chose being the one where she met her childhood friend, Kubota Haruhiro. He offered to teach Akane Russian to be able to communicate without others being aware of what they're saying. She accepted without hesitation and started learning shortly, her friend, at first, attempting to give her books and a Russian Dictionary. She struggled a lot with books as she wasn't the brightest in school so, Kubota attempted teaching her with flash cards. She thought it was a pretty silly idea, but agreed nonetheless. Even if Akane hardly caught on at first, she learnt the basics. As she grew up, she moved to Japan, being adopted by the Sidorov Family. They were often speaking Russian around her, being their mother tongue so, Nikolai Sidorov insisted on continuing her studies for her to also understand what they're saying. With little to no studies, she barely kept up with it, but eventually succeeded in being able to hold conversations with her family and friends. Later on, being disowned by her father Apollo Yua, whom reached out to her after many years, she has joined the Jokull family, taking time away from her Greek roots and focusing on using Russian as much as possible so she could perfect her pronunciation and vocabulary.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: It would make sense Akane would know Russian, being adopted into the Sidorov family.

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