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Language Application Format


IGN(In Game Name): Sharktism

What Language are you applying for?: Russian

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters): Valentin Sidorov one of the many sons of Yakov Sidorov was born in Himera Korea, His father being Russian and wishing to teach both Valentin and his siblings Russian. Valentin would spend hours on end with his father using textbooks, notes, and flashcards to learn how to properly speak Russian. Although, Valentin did have trouble with learning how to properly speak it as in general he had trouble speaking, It took him about two years to be properly fluent in Russian and before his shared 13th birthday he was officially able to fully speak Russian with very little mistakes, He would use it often especially around his father and others in hopes of impressing them with how far he has come.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: It would add more character depth and lore to Valentin, Since his father was born and raised in Russia and hes his biological son it would make sense for Valentin to be able to speak it and learn it as he pleases. It would benefit the way I roleplay my character in many ways, Being able to successfully roleplay as a mixed Korean and Russian char will keep its realism to the roleplay I wish to make.


Remember to use proper grammar to the best of your ability, you may also only apply for languages that exist in real life.  


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