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StaticReality | BMD application

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IGN (In Game Name):


Discord Tag (ex, metsu#7640):


Have You received any warns/bans in the HimeraRP Server/Discord, if so, list them:

I have no warning or bans.

Describe your experience with roleplay: 

My experience with roplay was mostly criminally and gangly based. I did a lot of business within these gangs and was able to make a lot of money off of it. By doing these practices I was able to learn a lot during those times on how I can be better, and how I can approve.  I also was really into hostile gangs and I really enjoyed to fight, and do a lot of crimerp in the SRP server.  I was very committed and loyal to every gang, following and memorizing the rules of each gang and the rules on SRP. 

What is Escalation in your own words:

Escalation to me is the rise in something particular, this can range from power to human conflicts, or wealth. The overall idea of this word is that there is some sort of the growth.

Do you have a microphone?:

Of course! I always have a microphone on me.

List your past BMD applications:

This is my first one! and Hopefully I'll be able to join!

What is your reason for applying?:

I really enjoy the role of BMD and this matches perfectly with my character. My character likes to distribute weapons and items to gangs and players across in the capital of South Korea. He is reliable and trust worthy enough to be able to gain these lovely privileges . The fact is that I really enjoy doing these type of things, due to the reason I love doing business in any  type of roplay. I manly focused on business in SRP and this will be the perfect upgrade I'm looking for in this roplay server. I firmly hope you can consider my application to be worthy of one of a black market dealers, and I hope I can start work as one as soon as possible! Thank you for taking the time to read my application!!!

Do you acknowledge that you are not allowed to abuse the fact you get weapons for cheaper prices?:

I acknowledge that I'm not allowed to abuse the fact I get weapons for cheaper prices.

Do you acknowledge that if you are arrested or killed you're role as a Dealer will be removed?:

  I acknowledge that if I'm arrested or killed, my role will be removed.

What is your knowledge on Black Market:

My knowledge at the moment is that they collect and sell various weapons or items  to mostly gangs and people are are involved  in criminal activities. Most weapons and items are illegal to have in possessions and can lead into a arrest from the police. You are not allowed to scam anyone of anything due to that being against the rules. I know there is still so much I can learn about Bmd and I'm learning more everyday about it, and I'm excited to learn more and hopefully I get accepted into the wonderful community of the black market!


IC Section
(Write this as if your character is in an interview.)

What makes your character Unique?: 

Toby is not unique, but rather, his history in crime is the unique side to him. Toby’s history consists of multiple different gang affiliations; Toby hasn’t had the best luck in sticking in them as his rambunctious has gotten him in trouble many times. Toby is an average guy, he is 6’2 Russian guy with a muscular slim build and weighs around 170lbs, with a purple prosthetic left eye, as well as having brown hair. One gang in particular took a chance to carve into his left arm, this did not sit well with Toby, he did his best to carve over it but made it worst leaving his arm scarred, he covers it with bandages and wraps. Toby’s history in crime has helped be more intimidating to other people enveloped in crime, getting into multiple fights and coming out on top, as well as taking an accumulation of eyes, legs and arms. He’s only killed a couple of people and hasn’t been caught. With this, he is quite a reserved guy, with not many people knowing much about him. He can work well with others, even while having a cold personality, although, being a business man at heart this would only come natural.

What is your characters reasoning for becoming a Dealer?: 

Seeing as crime has become a little less than fun for him, he decided to turn to something that could ultimately give him more opportunities of business and maybe a better source of income too. Not knowing too much about the black market he’s not afraid to learn what happens behind the scenes of it all. Business is Toby’s motif, it is something he strives to be better at, to rule an empire, to puppeteer a whole business, learning more to be a black market dealer is a step he is willing to sacrifice everything for just to be better at what he loves.

Backstory [Minimum 100 Words]

Toby Kosolov was born in Russia. His parents had separate nationalities, with his Father being Russian, and his Mother being American. While the two had separate cultures, Toby grew up more with his Father’s. He grew up solely in Moscow, never once seeing America or much American representation or Culture. Toby lived a quite shielded life, until the age of six. When Toby was six, he had been introduced to the gang his Father was a member of. His lifestyle then got drastically different. He had been introduced to the darker parts of life, including learning how Loan Sharks work, the muggings, murders, and threats they constantly now showed him. He learned how to fight, how to cover up crimes, and how gangs worked. His parents constantly gave him their attention, and despite his new found lifestyle, he was still raised in a well off lifestyle. When he reached the age of 8, something bigger happened. His father’s gang had provoked a well known gang, and when he had come home from school, he had found his parents dead. His father’s entire gang had been murdered by said gang, with him only having lived due to the gang not knowing of his existence. Because of this, he went to live with his grandparents. However after a few weeks, they had put him up for adoption due to disliking having to take care of him. While he had circled through adoption, he had been the victim to bullying, and no-shows to adoptive interviews. Toby had found himself switching orphanages often due to his troublesome behavior, with him typically injuring other kids. Soon Toby moved to Japan through an orphanage switch. Once reaching Japan, he continued his rebellious behavior, and began committing crimes he had learned from his dead father’s gang. Pickpocketing, Mugging, and just stealing from strangers as he stayed in those adoption centers. When he turned 17 he was adopted by the Sakiya line, standing beside his newly found family. The parents of said family abandoned them all quickly after his adoption, but till this day he stands with the Sakiya family. Helping his sister Kiyoko with the younger siblings and abandoning his gang activities. Once he had been passing an alleyway, carrying groceries back from the supermarket when he heard some people whispering. Usually he tried to mind his business, but a word caught his mind, and he used some of the skills he had from his previous lifestyle's to just listen in without getting caught. He continued to eavesdrop, and that same word kept coming back. "Market" the group hushed. He couldn't hear a lot of words, but he drew the conclusion it was the black market. He was curious, but decided to go back home. However he made a note in his phone of the occurrence. He didn't try to think too much of it, yet he kept finding his mind wandering to the topic. If he became apart of that lifestyle again, he'd be able to make money off of it. A lot. And right now money was a struggle for his younger sister. He decided to look into it, and found it could be quite a lot. Yet he nowadays finds himself connecting to the black market. 

First and last name:

Toby Sokolov



Current Occupation Or Hobby: Currently unemployed, Toby's hobbies consist of smoking, drinking, gabbling at Casinos, and he enjoys a good book once and awhile 

 Age (25+):






Additional information:

Toby would have a thick Russian accent

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