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Axteruz school employee application.


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OOC Information

IGN: Axteruz

Discord: Axteruz#7321

Age: (Optional) 17

Timezone: EST

Describe you activity within the server and forums? Pretty active, I play daily for a good amount of hours even when I’m bored, if something is there to do I’d play even longer than just the regular 4-5 hours.

Previous warns/bans, if so list them: none.

Links to previous applications, if so, list them:  

What is your chosen School Employee role? (Nurse, Receptionist, Tutor,  Janitor & Teaching Assistant) Janitor.

Do you acknowledge the rules of the server? Yes.

Do you acknowledge being inactive for a certain amount of time will lead to a demotion? Yes.


IC Information

Character's Name: Cired K. Bashkimi

Age: 26

Current Occupation: none at the moment.

Provide 3 /me's of how you character fit into the chosen role.

/me he'd stretch out his back going back to his full extended posture for a few seconds, since his back would always be bent down when using the mop, would be gripping his mop tightly and attempting to make sure that he is cleaning the floor properly, not leaving any pieces of dirt or spilled liquids anywhere.

/me he'd steadily clean the toilet, even though having the disgusted look on his face he'd be hiding his emotions, leaving a emotionless expression making it seem as he is used to this, unclogging the toilet, he'd wash his hands (unless using gloves) on the sink using soap and water.

/me despite the loud students in the classroom next to him, he'd continue picking up the banana peels, litter, cans of juice and left overs on the floor that students have not picked up for themselves, he'd ignore all the others around him and continue to place the trash in the trash-bin calmly not making it seem aggressive.

Graduation Year: 2015

Major(s): Law enforcement 

Minor(s): Psychology

Academic Degree:  Master's Degree

Backstory: Cired K. Bashkimi grew up in Kansa city in Russia, he'd always not like having to witness all the trash around his city and also where he lived, he'd have a habit of picking up others trash for no reason and place them in a trash bin near by at all times. His mother would ask why he would do this as since he was only seven years old and it became a big habit for him as he was also getting his hands dirty. Cired listened to what type of consequences he can get from picking up trash without gloves as he could get very sick from all the bacteria going to his body if he did not wash his hands if he didn't wear gloves. Cired told his mom at twelve years old that he wanted to become a janitor "Why?" his mom said. Cired replied back saying he wants the city to be clean, to show that there are people who care for what they do and will continue to make their city look clean even if it's not their trash. Cired didn't really follow the rule of "pick up your own trash", instead not only picking up his own trash, but he'd actually pick up even his friends trash even if it was on accident. At home, Cired would always be the first compared to his siblings to help his parents when it comes to cleaning anywhere in the house even if it was disgusting, his dad was a Janitor until eighty-one years old where his dad finally retired, but he taught Cired a few better cleaning techniques that could help him clean quicker and be more successful in his future. After Cired graduated high school and college, he went straight to become a professional janitor himself having a good steady eye at not leaving any type of trash or even tiny little bacteria when it came for him to do his job at becoming a full time Janitor for a high school, eventually he left Russia and moved with his family to South Korea, Seoul city where Cired now attempts to use his skills to help make sure that the high school is clean at all times.

/Minimum is 200 words/


/Minimum 50 words for each scenario/

What would you do, if a group of students aren't behaving within the school grounds? I'd explain to them about how how their behavior is inappropriate and it could lead them to having a bad notorious reputation around the school and how people would look down at them and not see them as an inspiration. I'd also tell them how it's against the rules, if they don't listen to my advice and continue to keep misbehaving I'd go and contact either a teacher or the school secretary, if it comes to worse might as well even go to the principal.

What would you do, if a student isn't being respectful or forceful to another? I'd ask them what is going on and why they are acting disrespectful, forceful to another might as well even be bullying. I'd ask them if there is anything happening at home that might have caused them to take their anger out on other students because there should always be a reason for everything, or if something happened wrong between the student and the other person's friendship/relationship. If they say a reason that makes no sense for an example, "Because I want to!" and I see that they are at an age around 14+, they should be mature enough to understand what they're doing is wrong and I'd contact the teacher or the secretary about the students behavior if they continue to misbehave to the other student.

What would you do, if another School Employee is doing something that's hazardous? In my opinion, I would give them a warning and explain to them quickly about what they're doing is wrong and it is very dangerous, but if they reply to me in a manner that is really aggressive and seems threatening or just in a way that could cause an argument, I'd contact the principal straight away about what the other school employee is doing and how it is wrong before any injuries or mistakes happen.

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- Please ask in #help in the Academy Discord to get your role!

- You have dedication towards your role, make sure to have a formal attire!

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Medical Director | Vice-Principle


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