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IGN: DominoEffectzz

Age(Not required, but preferred) : 18

Why do you want to join the Teacher Team? : 
My first motivation for becoming a Teacher is to do a different type of roleplay instead of the usual GangRP/CasualRP and other RP types that may be boring due to the lack of interactions I get from them. Secondly is to educate students, to prepare them for a better future. I find GangRP boring due to my new interests, and I would like to do something else; maybe something new that doesn't involve a lot of fighting. I would love to engage in different kinds of roleplay that is more of an educator's view of things during school hours. Being a professor seems fun yet challenging depending on the situations one may come across, and I am always up for a challenge. I have been a Professor and Psychiatrist before but on SRP. I wanted to try to be a Teacher this time but on a simple, smaller server that wouldn't be so crowded with trollers/failrper’s.

What can you bring to the team? : 
I can bring lots of things to the team; one is my knowledge of being a Teacher/Professor on other servers to understand how they should mainly act during certain situations that may seem difficult for them to handle overall, to give advice, and do problem-solving. Overall I am a person who listens to one's issues and sorts them out to the best of my ability or gives my insight on what to do in these situations. This is because I have been an EMS and a Professor that deals with many problematic players and concerns that must be resolved.

Any past experience in this field?:
I have experience being a Professor on SRP, about three months or more being into the works and currently active. I know the simplest things and learned how to be a teacher in CRP or old CRP. Though my months may be few, I overall have learned a great deal during that time, due to feedback from staff, peers, and students I had during those months.

Do you know that your rank can be taken off you at any moment?:
Yes, I acknowledge that my rank can be taken off me at any moment if I am disrespectful or for many other negative reasons.

Why should we accept you over the other applicants?:
I am a marvelous listener, and will listen to anyone; for me, with this teacher job, communication is one of the critical things that you need to be able to do to a certain standard as you have to be able to teach a class and listen to what everyone has to say, mainly their criticism and what they prefer to learn overall. I am also really affable to reputable people, working with them. Therefore I will find it easy to treat everyone equally with my respect, and assist them to the best of my ability when needed.


Characters Name: Izuke Takahara

Age: 29

Why do you want to be a part of the team?:
I moved here to Seoul and needed a place to start with overall for my career and saw this as a great opportunity. I would like to be part of the team because I find this job interesting and teaching has always been a huge dream of mine even growing up as a kid, I have always wanted to stand in front of a class and learn them all new things so they can take those skills into the life of work and use them. Teaching for me is interesting because if there is anything I don't know I will learn it through teaching others, I have very good knowledge, and communicating with others is something that I specialize in.

Characters backstory (100 words or more):
Ikue Takahara, who now goes by Izuke Takahara, was born in Tokyo, Japan; her family was a deaf family, only she and her siblings were born of hearing. She had to learn JSL from her parents at a young age to communicate with them more clearly and be surrounded by deaf family members and the deaf community. Her parents often guided her to be more of an above student and have around high marks in almost all of her subjects; she tried to be determined to make her parents proud and kept at it. She wants to teach students some issues that they all might struggle with expressing themselves in art or signing; before moving, she had found different ways deaf people have expressed themselves during plays, even by playing instruments. She has been intrigued by the overall pattern of how different ways of art form art.

She would sit at home late at night on her computer for art ideas, inspiration, and a bunch of stuff for buildings she wanted to draw out. For every day that went by, she would get more and more obsessed with architecture, painting, and art in general. Want to learn its history and the different artistic languages. When she turned 21, she tried to get her degree in architecture, but it didn't last; she instead switched to art courses that didn't have strict guidelines as she preferred to go by the flow. when she was 28, she moved to Seoul in hopes of experiencing a new culture and possibly settling down there

What does your character specialize in?:
Izuke would specialize in Art, even though she often likes to show art in many different ways, by music, writing, and drawing overall, and having her own spin-offs to it to not be just a sitting class period. Some of the things she had of Minors were Architecture, Dance, and Music. Her honor was Honors in the Arts, her overall Majors were Art practice, Art History, and Graphic Design. Even though she didn't want to finish a Major in  Architecture, she still occasionally will go over the lessons from college and simplify it to have creative room for things overall, instead of a blank blue print for people.

Do you have any questions?:
Is there any training overall I should know about beforehand?
Along with that, are classrooms are able to be customized?

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I overall had another question.
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MiuLols [EMS] Miyoko Imahori

DominoEffectzz [29] [Teacher] Izuke Takahara

MiuDeath [32] [Citizen] Edith Tsunawaki

MomRP [22] [Shopkeeper] Min Yang

Discord: Satan#4979

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Thank you again for applying, welcome to the teacher team as well!
Please go in the discord, and  @naawla for your role!
(P.S. I love the dedication, and effort put into the writing of your application ! )

Yes Classrooms are customized, and You'll go through training done by myself or the vice prinicpal!


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