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Language Application Format (French and Portuguese)

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IGN(In Game Name): KayLoon

What Language are you applying for?: Am not quite sure if I can apply for two languages, but I'll be applying for French and Portuguese

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters):

Born at a very young age, Hyeon A. Kazumi, would've been quickly sent to Europe, at the age of 5, when she arrived in Portugal she would've been surprised at the fact the moment she landed there, she started to hear people speak some sort of words that sounded gibberish to her, it has only gotten worse for her when she went to school, due to Portugal rules of the school, kids are usually placed at different classes to learn Portuguese, there is the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance, but the problem is that her mother sent her to a French school Lycee Francais Charles Lepierre, but truly the French system there would've placed her into a Beginner Portuguese class and a normal French one, so she had to take tutoring classes.

In the first year, kids were playing games, having fun, while there was a gate separating the elder kids and the little kids, she would've seen the elder kids start calling each other like Puta or Caralho sometimes they would've called each other Filho da Mae, those were sworn words, Hyeon was a surprise and shocked but interested, as she soon enough noticed a teacher catch them and send them into detention... When that happened the cafeteria bell went off, as another teacher came in and sent them into the cafeteria to eat, the teacher started to place them the food, as there was the soup to start with then, a spaghetti a la Bolognese, she would've started to eat her soup slowly, as she saw few kids having fun with each other, but sadly due to the fact she didn't know much of their languages, she was bored and alone...

Soon enough the bell rang, as the kids went back in class waiting for parents to come in and take them, usually kids leave at 11 pm or 3 pm depending on the day, but due to the fact that Hyeon would require French tutoring classes, she would just wait as she saw one by one kid leaving...Hyeon is the type of person that always wanted to be noticed a person that is always involved, no matter the situation she wanted to be in the spotlight... But then a Tutor came in, as she took a seat in front of Hyeon, and this will be the start of Hyeon French classes... The Tutor grabbed onto a ruler as the ruler was quite big, as the teacher placed it onto the Alphabet that was on the top of the wall over the whiteboard, as the teacher slowly pronunciate the letters waiting for Hyeon to also say those letters, day by day, weeks on weeks,  years on years, Hyeon started to speak better, finally when she reached the age of 7, she could start to do proper conversations with other kids and teachers…

Soon enough she graduated from the Beginner class and went into the Intermediate classes, but then, it only became harder for her, as she needed to memorize the maps and more of the history of Portugal while in French classes she needed to write essays on books when she became 13,  but one thing that she really loved in French classes are the poems that she needed to recite, each time she went up to the board to recite them everyone watched her, eyes on HER, only, and the fact she gets a good grade when she does it, makes her feel fantastic...

When she reached the age of 18, she went to America to start to do College classes... For now, that's the end. 

( 598 Words, and 3,219 Characters) (The system and location are real, I attended the school, and my younger cousin as well) 

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?:

Am not exactly sure on how that would benefit my character roleplay, but it will entertain me and a few others

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