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IGN:  FoundYourBagels

RP Name: Kiyoko Y. Sakiya

Age: 26. Birthday is on January First

Character backstory and description (over 200 words): Kiyoko grew up in a middle class family. She was a middle child, with an Older brother and her twin brother when she was born. Her parents had clear high expectations of her and her siblings, and when her twin got in trouble in school, they shipped him off to live with their cousins in South Africa. Kiyoko was expected by her parents to be nothing less than perfect, and she had worked hard to achieve those goals. Perfect 100's in classes were expected from her, and she was expected to get a high status job from the age of 6. She was expected to be able to cook, and clean the household. To cook the parents dinner, and clean the mess. She disliked how her parents raised her, but out of fear for what they may do, she always obeyed. However when her eldest brother got arrested, she grew to take on a parental role when her other siblings later came. Her parents were known to abandon their children, and all of her siblings got transferred to different countries besides for her and one of her younger brothers. She from then on handled and raised her younger brother at a young age. As her siblings came back from their transfer homes and schools, she continued to take the maternal role in their lives. She has high expectations of her siblings, and when she turned 17, her parents completely abandoned her with her siblings. They sent a short paycheck, but Kiyoko didn't want her siblings to live without many joys or a good neighborhood, so along with finishing all her schooling, she passed and worked jobs. From a retail worker, to babysitter. She got home late at night and from then helped her siblings with whatever they needed. She took care of her siblings' hair, and their health. The parents started to send more as she got older, but she continued to support and help her siblings. Now she is seen as one of the three heads.

Kiyoko is a pushover, yet still speaks her opinions in dire situations. She is known to be a help all around, and is great with calming down others, especially her siblings. She has very maternal instincts, yet when asked does not think of having kids any time soon. Currently she also has no aspirations for a partner, yet that may change when the roleplay happens. She has bad social anxiety when speaking to those whom she considers to need respect, and in a workplace environment she is quiet and does her job without complaints. 

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