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FoundYourBagels | Hospital Application form

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IGN: FoundYourBagels

Age: 16

Timezone: MST

If you have discord, what is your tag?: stridentplace

Do you have a working microphone?: Yes, however it is not the best quality

Any bans/warnings?: Nope!

List any past/current applications: I have applied for adult age 26

What is your motivation for joining EMS?: I am actually beginning to study health and nursing and I have a plan to become a nurse soon after I graduate high school with my associates degree in that field! My siblings are all special needs, and I’ve done a lot of medical care in my life already despite my age. I want to bring accuracy and yet calmness in their characters' time of crisis. I enjoy being able to help, even if said help is fictional. I’m also hoping I’ll have my character be able to learn new facts, ways of procedure, and medication handouts from this. I also want to be able to have quick paced activities while also being able to do slow paced. I saw that most nurses will treat minor injuries such as scrapes, and more along with sitting in the front desk doing activities relating to that. I wish to be able to do small rp’s with other people's characters like that because I hope to make their rp experience better. I also am extremely knowledgeable in real medication, and while I’m certain this server will have its own ways, I am really interested in it and will most likely understand certain terms.

State the role you are applying for [Nurse, Doctor, Surgeon, Psychiatrist]: I am applying to be a nurse!

List all the departments of EMS and what they do.
Medical professionals that conduct exams, treating injuries/diseases, and diagnosing a patient.

Surgeons- medical practitioners that specialize in treating conditions, and evaluating patients that could require a medical procedure. They treat most major injuries and are put under enormous pressure. The lead surgeon will decide medication doses, follow ups, and course of action for the patient. 

Psychiatrists- medical professionals that specialize in the mental field of a patient. Such as medication, diagnosis of a patient, and treatment of mental, behavorial, or emotional disorders. They are not permitted to deal with big injuries, more so small ones such as scrapes, sprained ankles, etc. 

Nurses- a very widespread job. Most nurses handle more simple demands, like checking patients in, managing logs, and treating minor injuries. Minor injuries can include first degree burns, scrapes, cuts, gashes, sprained joints, etc. However shifts can also include physical exams, administering medications, assisting surgeons, making sure sterile fields don’t get infected, and many more vital keys to running a successful hospital.

How active are you? How familiar are you with Detail/Medical RP?
I am active decently at night, and on Fridays. However I do have extracurricular activities and will alert if I am gone a weekend or days if I think a possible event could occur. I am also quite familiar with medical/detailed rp. I like describing actions, words, time, everything in rp. I am not too confident if the person I'm rping with doesn’t like what I’m doing, however I am sure I could explain my actions in more simple recognizable terms if they don’t understand my medical terms. Along with the training I am confident I will receive with this role. 

Do you acknowledge that at any point you can be demoted or removed if given a valid reason? [Ex: Guidelines, Skipping Trainings, etc.)
Most likely, my schedule. I do alert a lot, however sometimes I cannot guarantee it will remain the way it is, or my college classes will not interfere with work. But I will alert and attempt to reschedule if anything occurs immediately. And I understand I can be demoted if I miss a key event. 

Signature: -FoundyourBagels ? I’m quite confused on what you mean by this


PART 1: Character Apprehension:

Tell us about your character; how do they look, and what makes them unique?

Kiyoko is a split haired 26 year old woman. Her hair is long, with half of it being white, with the other being black. Her eyes are teal, and she has a rare birthmark that travels from the back of her neck to under her right shoulder blade, even though one cannot see it unless she shifts her hair. She has a pretty recognizable voice, and she has scars littered all over her ankles. She has quite fair skin, and has a condition called Ehlers Danlos syndrome (if you all allow me to that is). She also has a scar also that lines down her arm from when her arm got stuck in something as a kid.  

Explain your character’s outlook on co-workers, personality, and future life.
She finds co-workers to be people of respect. She takes their words, diagnosis of shared patients, and ideas very seriously. Even if a co-worker starts to sass her, she will remain professional in the workplace. She attempts to be helpful, and If a co-worker needed her to cover a shift, she would unless her siblings had something planned. Kiyoko thinks of her future life with hope. She hopes her siblings grow up to be successful, and that she herself can find a partner to settle with, however she refuses to get married until her siblings can be financially themselves. She also refuses to have a partner that doesn’t understand her work status, and her schedule. She wants to be with someone in a different faction, and doesn’t want her personal life to cross over to work. 

Does this character have a criminal past?
Nope! She was a nerd

Background:[Minimum 100 words]
Kiyoko grew up in a middle class family. She was a middle child, with an Older brother and her twin brother when she was born. Her parents had clear high expectations of her and her siblings, and when her twin got in trouble in school, they shipped him off to live with their cousins in South Africa. Kiyoko was then expected by her parents to be nothing less than perfect, and she had worked hard to achieve those goals. Perfect 100's in classes were expected from her, and she was expected to get a high status job from the age of 6. She was expected to be able to cook, and clean the household. To cook the parents dinner, and clean the mess. She disliked how her parents raised her, but out of fear for what they may do, she always obeyed. However when her eldest brother got arrested, she grew to take on a parental role when her other siblings later came. Her parents were known to abandon their children, and all of her siblings got transferred to different countries besides for her and one of her younger brothers. She from then on handled and raised her younger brother at a young age. As her siblings came back from their transfer homes and schools, she continued to take the maternal role in their lives. She has high expectations of her siblings, and when she turned 17, her parents completely abandoned her with her siblings. They sent a short paycheck, but Kiyoko didn't want her siblings to live without many joys or a good neighborhood, so along with finishing all her schooling, she passed and worked jobs. From a retail worker, to babysitter. She got home late at night and from then helped her siblings with whatever they needed. She took care of her siblings' hair, and their health. The parents started to send more as she got older, but she continued to support and help her siblings. Now she is seen as one of the three heads.

Kiyoko is a pushover, yet still speaks her opinions in dire situations. She is known to be a help all around, and is great with calming down others, especially her siblings. She has very maternal instincts, yet when asked does not think of having kids any time soon. Currently she also has no aspirations for a partner, yet that may change when the roleplay happens. She has bad social anxiety when speaking to those whom she considers to need respect, and in a workplace environment she is quiet and does her job without complaints. 

PART 2: Character Details:

Character’s Full Name:
Kiyoko Yatate Sakiya

Character’s Title: Miss

Character’s Age: 26

Character’s Gender: Female

Character’s Nationality: Japanese

Character’s Marital Status: Not married

PART 3: Academic Details:

Working Experience(s):
Retail worker -3 yrs (she switched places decently depending on pay, but usually places such as big brand chains, and mall locations), social worker -4 yrs (she worked for a company where she took services for special needs families in japan. Doing things such as Community connector, Respite, Homemaker enhanced and basic, and other things), then a nanny -3 yrs.

Years of Residency: 5

Academic Degree: MSN- Nurse practitioner

Major (s): Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner major

Minor (s): Health Care Genetics Minor


As a physician of Himera, you pledge to practice medicine with humility, honesty, compassion, and integrity. You will provide the best care to the citizens of Himera, refraining from judgment, the patient’s past, or your own beliefs.



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