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Teacher application

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IGN: m0neyhorny


Age(Not required, but preferred) : 16


Why do you want to join the Teacher Team? :

I would like to join the teacher team as even through a video game people can be educated. Also, if I am on the teacher team it would make me more creditable to own a business or become another important role in the server as I prove myself to the staff team of SLRP with this role. In addition, it would be very fun to roleplay a teacher. This role would give me more experience under my belt as well. I am excited to see the server grow and I would like to be apart of that process.




What can you bring to the team? :

I could bring a lot of fresh ideas to the team along with positive energy. I am a very team orientated person and enjoy building on things with other people. I have experience in real life with leadership positions being in Debate team and Model UN at my school. I think with these skills I am a valuable asset in helping achieve a common goal. Also, I have a very open mind to other people's views. I have a way with handling controversial topics and disagreements and I believe that will prove very useful to the teacher team of SLRP. I am always looking to help. I have a lot of time on my hands as well. In a more personal sense, I will always be on deck to comfort team members going through difficult changes or simply having a bad day. I believe I could raise morale in the team as I hope to not only be a fellow teacher icly, but a friend and shoulder to lean on oocly.




Any past experience in this field?: Currently I do not have any experience in being a teacher or any profession on SRP or SLRP. I hope to get this position in order to prove myself as competent to the SLRP community. My lack of experience may make you hesitant, however I believe this is a great time for new beginnings as SLRP is just getting on its feet. I would be very honored to have the chance of supporting the server in this way.


Do you know that your rank can be taken off you at any moment?:

Yes, I understand.


Why should we accept you over the other applicants?:


I have a big desire to be a positive impact on the server of SLRP. To continue, my character's profession as a World History teacher really interests me. I currently spend a good amount of my time reading over different cultures as entertainment. This makes this duty less of a chore and more of an extension on a hobby I already give so much of my time. Being a high school student, I am not very busy. I vow to dedicate a good chunk of my time to lesson planning and researching for a betterment of roleplay. I am a very organized person. The lectures I come up for my character to present will be very intricate and engaging. I strive to learn something new myself every day and I know it will be very thrilling to teach others. In addition, I am not a problematic person. In my daily life, I have very strong relationships with my peers around me. I very much value strong friendships. Also, respect is something I value as well. Respecting those older in age and higher up in position to myself is a given to me. I am not here to change anything laid out or be some anarchist, I would just like an opportunity to work as a teacher in this growing server. Other applicants may have more extensive experience, but I have the drive for putting my best work forward. Disappointment is the last thing I would want anyone on the staff or teacher team to feel about my work as a teacher icly or the way I present myself oocly.




Characters Name:

Dolores Kubo





Why do you want to be a part of the team?:

Living on my own as a teen and fending for myself left me in many unfortunate situations. At the age of 18, I found myself a teen mother with zero direction in life. I do love my children with all my heart, however this circumstance was very preventable. If at that age, so young and niave, I simply had someone older and wiser to look out for me I most definitely would have a different present. I see the streets of Seoul and they mirror those I aimlessly wandered as a young girl. Hard, cold, and full of gang violence. Adolescence is something that should be cultivated and protected. Being a teen is such a unique and fragile stepping stone into adulthood. There are lives lost in the streets of this city; day by day. Children having children. Toting knives and symbols for a gang that they are nothing but a number to. I do not want these students to look back as I have and think, "What if?" I cannot watch helplessly at the bruises that phase off and onto their young faces. I refuse to be a bystander of someone's daughter or son's downfall. It brings my mind back to my own mother, another failed by the educational system. A teen mother with no choice but to give up her children. My brother, Jonathan, a once young boy just a statistic in the school-to-prison pipeline. Now he is a man, toungeless, behind bars, and unable to ask the question of, "What if?" If he could, would anyone care? Who is there to listen to these stories. Are they too heartbreaking to bare? Traveling across the globe has taught me that each story that reflects mine, my brother's, my mother's can leave you feeling hopeless. The generational trauma that I've heard again and again. Whether from an older woman in Vietnam or a fugitive in Argentina, they are all one voice. A voice pleading for someone to listen. The voice sounds to me like a young, adolescent person looking for a change. Looking for direction; a reason to live. I hope to be that change in the students of Seoul. Not everyone has an interest in culture or geography, but that is what pulled me from the streets and into the books. Learning is love and these teens need a love of learning. I have a strong love of teaching. As a mother, I value a good education. Every student deserves a chance. It just takes an adult to give them that chance. I do not want my life of traveling, experiencing other cultures, and seeing the world to be a waste. These stories deserve to be told. They deserve to be inspiring. They deserve to more than a tragedy. If I am accepted to be a World History teacher, I will make the academic and emotional success of each and every one of my students not only a professional, but a personal must. I am fluent in Spanish being an immigrant from Spain. In addition to my role as a teacher, I have no problem offering tutoring sessions on the language during my free time. An old South African blacksmith once told onto me, "The time we waste today is the tomorrow yesterday's dead were so eager to see." The time is now. It is up to the adults of this community to make the most positive impact we can and I hope to do so if I am blessed with a role as teacher at this school.


Characters backstory (100 words or more):

Dolores Luz Kirk came crying from the womb in San Sebastián, Spain.  However, she wasn't the only one as her twin brother, Jonathan Luz Kirk, had come right before her. The year was 1987. Dolores and Jon's parents were from Brazil, on a vacation when the twins came out prematurely. Due to their unexpected arrival, the mother, Martina, was forced to stay in the country until they were in good enough health to travel back home. Their father, Angelo, had no choice to head home due to their lack of funds. Now, Martina was already a very religious woman. She grew up in a Catholic home and devoted her entire being to who she considered her savior. While in distress about her husband's absence, her sudden birth, and the ache her body felt at the emergency C-section, Martina was approached by a nun from the local church. The nun told the young woman about how her pregnancy difficulties were all due to her straying from the lord. To say the least, Martina was cursed! Any reasonable person would not believe this, right? Martina was not reasonable, however. A weight that had been weighing heavily on her shoulders was the fact that the twins were born and conceived out of wedlock. Dolores and Jonathan's father was not her husband. This  is sinful in the catholic religion. Tears filled her eyes as she begged in the little bit of Spanish she knew to the nun for a fix. The nun informed her that to save herself and her unholy children from damnation she must offer her daughter up to the covenant to be raised by the nuns to serve the lord and raise her son to be a respectable priest as women are not to preach in the Catholic religion. Martina could not believe her ears and demanded that the nun left. The next several weeks, the nun kept visiting again and again. Martina's will was broken down and alas once Dolores was old enough to function without constant watch of hospital staff, she was given up to the church. As Dolores grew older, she did not know much about her mother nor father. Dolores very much enjoyed being surrounded by other women and girls. She felt she had a purpose in the church. There was nothing that could sway her away from her lord. The sisterhood kept her balanced. However, as she neared her 18th birthday she couldn't help but stare longingly out the window. Watching the movie 'Mean Girls', which had come out a year prior, really fueled her dreams for a life outside of the covenant. She wasn't supposed to be watching it. It was full of lust, greed, vanity. All these things she had been told to reject. Yet, it felt like something she was meant to be apart of. She didn't attend high school. The nuns were homeschooled and tutored. She never had experienced a romantic relationship. Her only relationship was to be with the lord. She had never gone shopping, done her makeup, gossiped about who was doing what and who, said a swear word. Feeling, knowing deep inside that her life was wasting away behind those old, biblical walls she began writing. She wrote at any moment she could a plan to escape. She still couldn't resist the strong desire she had to worship and serve her lord. As autumn approached she was getting ready to head to Japan on a mission trip with some of her nun sisters. Her heart wouldn't stop thrashing against her ribcage as she get off her very first plane and road in her very first foreign boat. Dolores' heart beat even faster as she dashed away through the night, nun uniform raised over he knees to a train. Her escape. She couldn't help but sob on the entire ride, feeling nothing but a sinner. Dolores continued to live as an illegal immigrant in Japan. Dear to her heart and helping her push forward was her faith in her lord and the adventure around the corner. Dolores was undoubtedly an adrenaline junkie, but that did not cease the gnaw of hunger in her stomach. All of Dolores' sheltered education and upbringing did not prove useful in the streets of Japan. She found herself in various dangerous situations. Her innocence began to wear and her mental health took a terrible tole from the things she witnessed. Days seemed like they could be her last and happiness was short-lived. Staying in a home for troubled teen girls, she started to feel some sense of stability. However, the routines and sisterhood like nature of the home reminded her of the nun covenant and that made her uneasy. A week before she planned on leaving, Dolores received a letter. It was from a boy her exact age, Jonathan Luz Kirk. Jonathan told her of his mother's confession before he had come to study abroad in Japan. He has a twin sister and her name was . . Dolores. From that day on he had been working his hardest to find her and now after questioning the people in her life, reading a missing person's report, and hearing of the strange girl who only spoke Spanish a few cities over, he knew he had found his other half. Dolores was absolutely dumbfounded. Still as naive as ever, she began corresponding with Jonathan via letter. Her plans changed and she stayed at the group home for an extended time as she had a new destination: Jonathan's school in Karakura, Japan. Fleeing yet again the middle of the night by train she arrived to the city. Dolores was reunited with her brother, sobbing uncontrollable tears of happiness. Her view of the world looked up. Yes, the girl still struggled, especially in learning the Japanese language, but this was the happy ending. Right? Wrong. Not even 6 months after her arrival in Karakura was Dolores pregnant and madly "in love." Whatever the sheltered and very niave girl knew love to be. Due to her religious beliefs she did not consider abortion. She could not see herself giving up her baby neither, though. Dolores happily married her baby's father, Saburo Kubo. She knew she had to buckle down now as a young mother. She began taking her studies seriously. She studied so hard and long and late into the night that the local hospital put her on bed rest in fear of miscarriage. Her eldest son, Eun Kubo, came later in the year of 2005. Luckily Dolores had a lot of friends who watched her son as she continued to work toward a better future for herself and her young family. Dolores, now Kubo instead of Luz Kirk, graduates in the year of 2006 by the skin of her teeth. However, this also came with less exciting news. The now 19 year old was pregnant again! Still, she knew now more than ever her and her husband Saburo had to give it their all. 4 years and another pregnancy later, Dolores had a bachelor's in Social Studies from the local college she attended. Her brother Jonathan had long strayed from her. Their relationship was hostile as he sat in prison for murdering another person. Her Catholic faith made it hard to forgive him. Dolores' relationship with her husband was top tier, though. How he supported his family was far from legal, but he did what it took to survive. Doing what it took to survive was something that became reoccurring in Dolores' life. As she was still illegally living in the country of Japan, many times she had to uproot her family and move them from country to country to keep from being deported to Spain and jailed. Smuggling from Japan to China to Laos to Thailand and generally all over Asia for half a decade sometimes alone made her again see the world in a new light. The fear of being caught scared her. Times separated from her children will never leave her mind. Sometimes she had to leave then in a group home or with their father back in Japan as he was legal. It disturbed her mental peace greatly and left her feeling a bad mother. The family could not safely rest in one place until Saburo had worked out the kinks in his citizenship of South Korea and getting his wife and children a citizenship. Peace was granted for the Kubo family finally in 2018 when they were allowed visas and permanent residence in the country of South Korea. Dolores, also becoming a citizen of the country,  was granted a passport and continued to explore the world when she wasn't busy being a mother. Money came easily to the family as they owned a train of restaurants in Gangnam, Korea. That was until early 2022 a fire broke out, destroying their family empire and forcing them to relocate to Seoul, Korea. This is where Dolores lives now, 35, with her husband and four children. As her children grow older to the age of her past mistakes and money is thin, she has taken on a goal of becoming a teacher and helping the youth around her avoid the path she naively stumbled down in the past.


What does your character specialize in?:


Dolores Kubo specializes in Social Studies. She has a bachelor's in the major. She also specializes in the Spanish Language. Therefore, she is applying to be a World History/Social Studies teacher.


Do you have any questions?: Is school mandatory for students?

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