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JEOLMANG | A gang formed by a highway incident.


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This part of JEOLMANG'S lore includes some potentially harmful words/sentences. Read at caution if you're sensitive to topics such as death, et cetera.

JEOLMANG originally formed in 2002, right after the Yangju highway incident took place, in which American soldiers were set out to undertake a training exercise at a range approximately 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of metropolitan Seoul. When the convoy passed along a fairly narrow country road near Yangju City, in the Gyeonggi Province, one of the convoy's armored vehicles, weighing 57 tons, struck and killed two 14-year-old South Korean schoolgirls, Shim Mi-son and Shin Hyo-sun, as they walked along the side of the roadway on their way to a birthday party. The soldiers involved were NOT found guilty of negligent homicide in the court martial, inflaming Anti-American sentiment in South Korea, sparking up many candlelight vigil protests with the goal of forcing the government to press charges, but it never happened.

And that's how it started. From being a group of anonymous anti-westerners to having a public goal of ruining everything about such patriotic country, JEOLMANG has one goal. Become the best of the best and walk on without face-planting. It'll either be a deep dive in gravel, or justice for South Korea.

So, which side will it be, partner? Join the fight, or plan your funeral. Make the choice of living a legacy, or living a sob-story for your family to mourn over.


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